How can Mango Business Phones help your business?

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Are you looking for a new phone system that can help your business? We’ve go you covered.

Mango Voice offers everything a small business would want in a VOIP phone system. Our service is a cloud-based Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) system that doesn’t require expensive PBX hardware or a trained IT staff to set up and maintain.

There are lots of companies you can choose from, but we’re a small enough company that we can customize our phones to fit your needs. Our level of service is the best in the business.

Multiple Locations

Offices or team members in different locations can all operate on the same phone system with Mango Voice.

Many businesses today have to be dynamic with the ability to open new locations quickly or have employees that can work from home offices. Mango Voice makes it easy to add extensions to your phone system from virtually any location that has the internet. Simply ship the phones to any location, plug them in and we will take care of the rest. It really is that simple.

Scale your phone system as you Grow

Start small. Grow Large. Mango Voice offers the flexibility and affordability you need to grow your company. Unlike traditional business phone systems, Mango Voice makes growing your business pain free.

Take Advantage of Mobility

Mango Voice now offers and iOS and Android app that allows you to take your business phone with you on-the-go!

Drag and Drop Phone System

Mango Voice lets you simply modify your phone system dial plan with our drag & drop dial plan editor.


Reliability you can count on. Our cloud-based phone systems can offer the reliability and redundancy that you need to keep your business up and running all the time.

  • Built-in redundancy.
  • Speedy disaster recovery.
  • No single point of failure.

Cloud Based

Cloud-based phone systems provide the redundancy, scalability, and security that businesses of all sizes need.

  • Built-in redundancy.
  • Scale with ease.
  • Higher security.

CRM Integration

A complete API allows custom integration into any application.

  • Click to call.
  • Incoming call notifications.
  • Embedded soft phone.
  • Reporting, call recordings.


Few business phone systems are more reliable than Mango Voice. We have one of the highest uptimes in the industry. This means that the system is down for only a handful of minutes each year.

If you’re looking for a new phone system or would like to change up your old system. Contact us!