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Over 80 Voice Features
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Secure Fax
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MMS Messaging

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VoIP

(Voice Over Internet Protocol)

Phone lines pass over your internet instead of over a landline.

What Internet Speeds Do I Need for Mango Voice To Work In My Office?

We recommend 30/15 Mbps but our services can support less.

The average phone uses less than 1/10th of a Megabit.

Is Mango Voice Reliable?

YES! Mango offers 99.99% uptime.

Mango offers redundancy across 7 data centers spread across the country.

What happens if my internet goes down?

In the case of no internet we can forward all calls to a cell phone using our mobile app. You can also manually forward calls to any US number.

Can I use my phones with Mango Voice?

Mango Voice primarily supports Yealink phones for their superior reliability and features. If you own a different phone model, please contact our sales team to check compatibility with our system. 

Can I call patients from my cell phone using my business phone number as the Caller ID?

Yes, Mango's mobile app masks your caller ID to be your business number. You can also log and record the call.

Can I keep my existing numbers?

Yes, though it does take approximately 2-4 weeks to port phone numbers.

Does Mango integrate with my dental software?

Yes, we integrate with the most popular reminder (PES) and PMS services, for more info click here.

How long does a switch-over take?

Typically, about 30 days for phones to arrive, be installed, and numbers ported.

What are the network requirements for my office for Mango to work?

You need data ports (internet ports) for each location where a phone will be placed. Mango can work with your IT support company to make sure your network and router is ready for VoIP.

What features does Mango offer?

We offer over 100+ enterprise voice, fax, and SMS features to optimize communication for any business such as call recording, voicemail to email, reports, analytics, mobile app, and auto-attendant, to name a few. Click here for a list of features.

What are the best phones to use?

Our most popular phones are the Yealink T54W and T53W models.

Will there be downtime when I switch?

99% of our customers report zero down-time.

What does set-up look like, do you do it, my IT company, etc?

Simply plug your phones into the ethernet port, either you or your IT department can do it. Schedule a custom onboarding for activation, training and call flow set up, and you're done. It's that simple.

Why should I use Mango over other providers?

Simple. 3 words: Support. Features. Reliability. Need I say more?