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Mango Contact Sync

Introducing Mango Contact Sync! Seamlessly sync your Patient Management Software (PMS) with Mango Voice for immediate patient recognition and inquiry management. This major integration features:

Automatically see patient details on your screen when they call, thanks to our seamless PMS integration. 

Reduce manual data entry and enhance your team’s efficiency with real-time information access. 

Easily identify new inquiries that are outside of your PMS records with our smart call indication, improving response times and personalization. 

Personalize each call with information  at your fingertips, fostering a strong connection with your patients. 

Mango Voice

Mango Voice lets you modify your OWN phone system and call flow! Our proprietary Digital Switchboard has an easy drag-and-drop system.

Mango Voice makes it easy to control how each extension handles an incoming phone call. With our Digital Switchboard, you can simply choose from a list of operations and drag them onto a dial plan. Reposition operations in the dial plan however you want by dragging them around. When you are finished,  just click save and the changes will take effect immediately. It’s that simple!

Mango Mobile

Your office is now available wherever and whenever you need it. Working remotely has never been easier. Our mobile app keeps you connected wherever you are. Our powerful mobile features include:

No more missing calls when you’re away from your desk.

View voicemails as transcripts, see what time the message was left, and call them back when it’s convenient for you.
Easily record calls you place and receive on your mobile device and ensure communications between staff and customers are maximized.

Call from your mobile or company contacts with the click of a button.

Desktop, web, and mobile device sync seamlessly. Wherever you go or whatever device you use, we’ve got you covered.

Mango Text

Read and send business SMS and MMS from our Web App, or Mango Mobile. Oh yeah, we’ve got Emojis, GIFs, and PNGs too 👍

Send messages to your customers when you miss a call.

Notifies you when a customer reaches out. Stay in the loop while screening calls with customized notifications.

Mango Web App

Collaborate and engage with the Mango Web App. Seamlessly move between your desktop phone, laptop, and our mobile app to keep an eye on your businesses communication.

Manually dialing is out, simply click to dial a number.

Have frequently asked questions? Save a “snippet” message template to save time!
Upload large files simply and securely through Mango Fax.

View call history and unified communications across different channels.

Manage voicemails on all devices.

View call history as well as all voicemail transcripts if you’re a Mango+ customer!

Mango Fax

Traditional fax machines are NOT a naturally secure way to exchange sensitive information. With Mango Fax, we add all the security in the right places by encrypting the transmission via our super secure cloud-based server.

With Mango’s business fax feature, you can fax from our web app by simply taking a picture or adding an attachment and we’ll take care of getting it to its destination safe and secure.

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