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Contact Sync

Patients at Your Fingertips - Anytime, Anywhere

Mango Contact Sync streamlines your dental practice operations by integrating with your management system, prioritizing high-value calls, and providing instant access to patient information, ultimately optimizing productivity and enhancing patient experience.

Your Patients In-Sync and Accessible

Access your patients from anywhere, at any time through our mobile or any web browser. Keep your hybrid staff productive at home or on the go.

Supports 90% of Dental Practice Management Systems​

Seamlessly connects with the vast majority of dental practice management systems, including OpenDental, Dentrix, Dentrix Ascend, EagleSoft, and Curve Hero. ​

Prioritize Calls with Smart Caller ID

Ensure that production-generating opportunities take precedence, while less urgent inquiries, such as billing questions, can be efficiently redirected or followed up on later

Start Communicating 100% Faster

An average dental office phone has 10,000 key presses per month. This is mind numbing, slow, and prone to errors. Now you can quickly search by name and know that you are dialing the right patient.

Sync your Patients Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What PMSs are supported?

  • Open Dental
  • Eaglesoft
  • Dentrix G7
  • Dentrix Enterprise
  • Dentrix Ascend
  • Don't see your PMS? Let us know!

Do you write information back to the PMS?

No, it flows from the PMS to Mango

How frequently do you update the patient contact info?

Every 15 minutes

What do you do when multiple people have the same number?

  • We pull in the name of the oldest contact that has the number. 

How will this impact the performance of my PMS?

  • The system tries to only load changes since the last synchronization to minimize impact.

What kind of downtime does this cause?

This will not cause any downtime to your system and typical installation time last 10-15 min. 

What patient information do you access?

We pull contact information such as phone numbers, names, emails, birthdays

How do you store my patient information?

Data is encrypted in transit and at rest