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Product Updates June 2021

Mobile: Major upgrades to underlying framework and libraries. Continued work on inbound calling scenarios to handle multiple calls. Continued improvements on integration with Yealink phone.

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Product Updates May 2021

Mobile: Improvements: Build automation for faster release cycles Fix: General improvements to stability for crackly audio, call quality, etc Fix: Allow DTMF Input greater than

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Product Updates April 2021

Mobile: iOS stability improvements Backend Smart Caller ID on Outbound calls Smart Caller ID on Inbound Calls Voice Improved call tracing tools. Improvements to Presence

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Product Updates March 2021

Mobile: Onboarded alpha testing group Added general diagnostics screen Added SIP diagnostics for each call Added device persistent application logs with improved logging Improved device

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Product updates January 2021

Mobile: Android: Beta is now launched Click the link  Join on Web – Join on Android – Become a beta tester, this may take a

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