Product Updates March 2021


  • Onboarded alpha testing group
  • Added general diagnostics screen
  • Added SIP diagnostics for each call
  • Added device persistent application logs with improved logging
  • Improved device deactivation workflow


  • Added support for Cisco 191 fax device
  • Fixed Yealink T47W line button count 
  • Force publish, subscribe and register to follow the same SRV record on phones
  • Fixed room status third-party provider incident 
  • Improved CDR storage and analysis tools
  • Reduced latency by identifying webhook integration bottlenecks
  • Fixed VM transcription incident with IBM Watson
    • Improved logging and monitoring
  • Improved push token and device activation workflow
  • Add shortcode support for SMS inbound 
  • Support automatically uploading SIP diagnostics


  • Increased UDP deliverability by decreasing packet size with typology masking
  • WebRTC phone packet size decreased to support global accelerator
  • Line extension state changes for b legs that do not answer the call
  • Enabled compact SIP headers
  • Fixed wakeup calls
  • Independent East coast presence server launched
  • Independent West coast presence server launched
  • Atlanta server upgrades
  • Click to call line extension ringing events on A and B legs
  • Added caller ID to softphone
  • Added SIP URI redirect to transfer and continue