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Create Simplicity For Your Clients

Enhance your clients experience and efficiency with Mango integrations.

Screen Pop

Unlike most voice providers that use simultaneous rings and a simple notification of an incoming call, Mango sends LIVE events for each extension and state of that call.
WHEN A CALL RINGS When a call comes in and only rings the two front desk phones (example: ext 100 and 101) we will send a ringing event for each extension. No more unnecessary pop-ups or screens!

WHEN A CALL IS ANSWERED When extension 101 answers, we would send an ‘answer’ event for extension 100 and a ‘hangup’ event for extension 101. At this point, the integration could increase the screen pop size for extension 100 with additional info such as past-due amounts, upcoming appointments, and remove the screen pop from extension 101.

WHEN A CALL HAS ENDED When the call is ended we will send a hangup event. This can trigger the screen pop to add notes or other information at the end of the call.

Missed Calls

Notify the client of a missed call and keep a log of all call data.


Auto-add activity logs, notify clients, and embed messages and transcriptions.

Secure eFax

Auto-add faxes securely to the customer logs and notify client.


Easy to Use API's for syncing, accessing call records, and creating custom analytics.