Product updates January 2021


  • Android: Beta is now launched
    1. Click the link 
    2. Become a beta tester, this may take a couple minutes
    3. Return to the Play Store and Look for the Mango Voice (Beta) in the title
    4. Download the app
    5. Login and Enjoy
  • iOS: SMS functionality in Internal testing on mobile app


  • Feature: Mango Plus Ad
  • Feature: Implement Desktop Analytics
  • Bug: Filter by Groups bugs resolved
  • Bug: Snippets (2 issues resolved)
  • Bug: Prelaunch Desktop V2 Bugs resolved
  • Research: What is required to make a Web Version of our Desktop


  • Feature: Call Distribution Switchboard Object Added
  • Bug: E911 Charges should be mitigated now due to new changes in Admin 
  • Bug: Emailed faxes have no limits – Emails are now sent when limits are reached to notify customer.
  • Bug: Failed faxes were resending over and over to same number
  • Bug: Packet Sizes reduced to improve packet deliverability (a.k.a MTU fix, still working on issues on east coast Fanvil)
  • Bug: Conference call audio was degrading over time. We’ve added Automatic Gain Control to all conference calls.
  • Bug: Random SIP Port assignment on Yealink. This helps routers more accurately NAT traffic in and out of routers.


  • Security Improvements
  • Bug:  Intermittent CDRs dropped. Identified some call CDRs were too large to send through our system and were failing to save. These have been resolved and currently showing ~100% processing success. 
  • Bug: T46S now support Sidecar. No need to use T46G as workaround
  • Feature: Added Device Created Timestamp to help with device warranty detection