What Can Mango Do for Your Business?

We’ve developed secure and efficient systems for the dental and hospitality industries, and are constantly working at increasing who we can help.

Mango for Dental

Simplify and enhance communication for our customer’s most important interactions.

PES Integration

Easily view customer balances, payment history, appointments, and more when a customer calls.

Click to dial customer via webphone or deskphone without manual dialing.

Identify where calls come from, and how they are handled by your staff.

Secure eFax

Use our super-secure eFax to send and receive important or sensitive document via fax. Use your email to send AND view faxes.

SMS Notifications

Did you know that most text messages are read within 3 seconds? Take advantage of Mango+ and send and receive text messages from your business phone number.

Create Teams
You can create and manage different messaging groups (or messaging teams) all from within the app like “Sales” or “Support”.

Integration Partners

Mango for Hospitality

If we could guarantee to give you the best phone systems for the hospitality industry, would you be interested?

Upgrade Your Hospitality Phone System

Mango Voice has created the best and most innovative hospitality phone systems for your hotel property. Don’t want to re-wire hundreds of rooms? No problem! With our hybrid VoIP conversion solution, you can quickly and easily upgrade to VoIP.

Make your guests’ experience top notch with a hospitality phone system that can deliver wake up calls, store voicemail and track phone records with all of the features included with a Mango Voice business phone system.

All Information At a Glance

Use our color coded dashboard to keep track of rooms that are clean, dirty, inspected, or that have guests staying over.

A call to the front desk will be placed in the event of a 911 call and will show on your hospitality dashboard so you can redirect the authorities when they get there.

Our wake up call feature will help you keep track of all statuses.

Convinced Yet?

Take your business to the next level, with Mango!