Is your business fax putting your company at risk?

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In the age of modern technology, there are many business practices that we assume are safe. Using a fax machine with a fax line used to be a common practice. Now, there are several online companies that offer quick and easy electronic business fax services. The thing that they don’t tell you is that those important documents may be putting your small business at risk.

Why Business Fax Machines Are Out

As they are considered old technology and are thus often neglected security-wise, fax machines pose potential risks to every organisation where they are used. Yet few companies have a comprehensive and enforced policy covering their use. The main problem is that a fax does not guarantee confidential transmission, either for incoming or outgoing faxes. That means it isn’t a naturally secure way to exchange sensitive information.
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Ok, so that beast in the copy room that makes crazy noises when you press the wrong button that’s called an old-school fax machine and if you are lucky enough to remember their melodious noise, then you probably know just how great they are to work with. Let’s also reminisce over the extra line on our business phone system bill that includes the added expense of the unnecessary fax line. Somehow fax machines are always bigger than they need to be, temperamental, and ridiculously complicated.
Enter the modern age. There is an app for everything. Mango Voice recently announced their mobile app available on both iTunes for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices. So we definitely get the app thing. What you should be aware of is the security involved in business fax transmission. To do that, we’re going to need to explore the process of sending a business fax.

Online Fax Services are Better?

The fax machine: a large box that squeaks whilst taking a piece of paper and eating it, then spitting it out the other side in an obnoxious fashion – repeatedly. This is usually accompanied by sounds that are similar to a broken dial tone that screams. Cherish the memories of your dear busted business fax machine. What else do we do? We have to send fax messages in the world of business.
You scurry to an online solution. With these fancy online business fax applications, they simplify the process by scanning or taking a picture of your documents and then hurling them precariously into the interweb. Cyberspace then passes it around like a hot potato until it lands at the destination that you specified. But what you may not know is that your business fax may have pulled a “Hansel and Gretel” and left a cute breadcrumb trail on the way. With the right information, in the right place, evil ner-do-wells that stalk the internet for vulnerabilities could hack their way into your insecure file data and compromise your important documents.
Not only do un-encrypted messages get passed around with insecure online fax services, but the message once it arrives may sit in someone’s insecure email inbox for days, weeks or months waiting for an email hacker to come along and find your sensitive information.

Security Measures and Why You Should Care

Why do you care about hackers that have all the time in the world to find random fax messages to hack and exploit? Because Fortune Magazine writes articles like this one about “5 huge security breaches at big companies” where the major problem was that no one was paying attention to small details similar to our fax debacle at hand. If huge companies like Walmart, Target, Apple and Home Depot have these problems, odds are your small company may fall into a security trap.
Let’s review quickly the reasons for using an online fax service:

  1. Your fax machine was too terrible to consider fighting with this morning (assuming you have one), there is not possibly enough coffee.
  2. The documents that you are sending are far too important for just email.
  3. And lastly, said documents are also too special and time sensitive for snail mail.

This creates the need in the wonderful world of business for a fax transmission to be necessary.

The Best Cloud-Based Business Fax Solution

Secure Fax by Mango VoiceNow that we all understand the problem, let’s queue the cherubic angel voices with an “ah” as we introduce the new-and-improved extra SECURE Mango Voice Business Fax. We actually listen to our clients and customers. When we hear that a feature could be better, we want to be better. While we have always had security protocols built in, we saw an opportunity to lock down fax transmissions with an added layer of security. We are always staying up-to-date with the latest technology and using it to take care of our clients. Luckily, we have some talent on our team and they know all about creating awesome programs.
Mango Voice Secure Business Fax adds all the security in all the right places. Where other services claim that they offer “secure” fax, the transmission is not nearly as protected as you may think. That’s why we re-thought the process of secure fax making it easier for you to share time-sensitive information without worrying about security issues.
You can still fax from your mobile device by adding an attachment or taking a picture, then using our business fax feature, we will send your message. We’re not really into slinging faxes into cyberspace without all the added safety features. We encrypt the transmission and store your data in our super-secure cloud-based server. Some in the office lovingly refer to this server as “the vault”. Your business fax message doesn’t leave our vault. The recipient of your message then receives instructions with a 2-step verification process for accessing your secure fax message from our vault. It is only available for a specified time frame and then our program encrypts the file once again and locks it up safe.

Phones. Made Simple

Mango Voice lays it out on your cloud-based business phone system couldn’t be easier. Quickly see a list of your files and access them whenever you need. We’ll worry about all the locks and keys and keep your files safe. Trust me, this process is easier than trying to guess if your fax machine is confirming that you sent your fax transmission while the person on the other end watches their machine blink and squeak. Oh, and good luck knowing if you inverted those last two digits. Perhaps the people at that misdialed number will enjoy your message?
Don’t let fax machine security risk happen at your small business. Find a better way to send business fax messages. Do it even better with Mango Voice and save time, money and your ear lobes. Mango Voice offers a full list of features with all of our small business phone system plans.
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