The Perfect Greeting. Every Time.

It is crucial that when a customer calls a business that two things happen, first they are greeted (letting them know they called the right place), second someone needs to answer the phone. Sounds simple right? Wrong! Too often I take my business elsewhere because I can’t reach the company I am calling.
Food for thought, answering services have shown that 85% of people that get a voicemail or busy signal don’t leave a message or call back. Furthermore, every minute you wait to call them back reduces your chances of reviving the sale by 75% within the first 5 minutes. If you knew there was a service that significantly improved the chances of capturing more calls wouldn’t you jump on it? I Did!
In a world of instant gratification, there is no room for missed calls or voicemails. In the old days when you left someone a voicemail, you waited for them to call you back because you didn’t have the competitor’s phone number. Nowadays with the internet, I can search for a CPA firm and find all 15 of them within a 15-mile radius then call them one by one and the first one to pick up gets my business. Guess what happens if I get a voicemail or busy signal? You guessed it, moving on.
Unfortunately, that is the way it is now and VoIP phone solutions are the best way to give yourself the upper hand. A virtual receptionist allows you to greet every customer perfectly every time. It also lets your customer know that someone will be right with them encouraging them to stay on the line.
Voicemail to email allows missed calls to be sent to your email as an attached audio file. This allows you to access your voicemails after hours or while you are away from your desk. Getting back to your customers sooner than later is a sure way to earn their business and loyalty.
Automated forwarding allows you to send calls to an answering service (or even your cell phone) who takes down the customer’s information and sends you a text notifying you that someone wants to give you their money!
Sounds pretty good right? Well, that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what a VoIP service can do but it’s a great introduction. Stop missing calls today and start taking advantage of those missed revenue opportunities. Call Mango Voice today to find out more!