[Case Study] How Local Presence Increased Contact Rate by 400%

Most of the time when we talk about Local Presence, we’re not just referring to the physical presence of your company in a given area. Rather, we are referring to Local Presence Dialing. Ideal for call centers, Local Presence Dialing allows outbound calls made from the Mango Voice phone system to be masked with a local area phone number.

Why Don’t People Pick Up?

The fact of the matter is, people, don’t like to be sold to. Especially over the phone! Regardless, dialing quotas have to be met and calls need to be placed. More often than not your sweet voice is met with an extended ring tone or ends up in voicemail graveyard. Your calls won’t get picked up and you definitely aren’t getting a callback. Couldn’t all of this be avoided? 
Why don’t people pick up the phone?
The reason is that you’re probably calling from a 1-800 number. You and every other person trying to sell them something is also calling from a 1-800 number. And, guess what, people know that! When a person sees “Unknown” or “Toll-Free” or “1-800” number on their caller ID what do you think they are going to do? I’ll tell you: NOT ANSWER!

Get Creative

Wouldn’t it be nice to call a potential lead from a number that they recognized? If you are calling someone in St. George from your office in Texas, wouldn’t it be nice if the number that popped up on their caller ID started with (435)? What if there was a whole ton of local presence numbers just waiting for you to use all over the country? So, no matter where you are calling to, you can be sure that they see a local number!
Introducing Mango Voice Local Presence Dialing.
With Mango Voice Local Presence dialing you can be sure that call after call is being shown with a local number that will be recognized by the person. Awesome!
What happens if the person doesn’t answer and decides to call back later? Never fear! The call will get routed back automatically to the same person that originally called.
Talk about professional!
Here’s what one person using Mango Voice Local Presence Dialing had to say about the service:

“HFB Technologies recently switched to Mango Voice for our call system, and the increase in answered calls was noticeable immediately. Using number spoofing to display a local area code on caller ID has helped to double our sales and increase the amount of answered calls by nearly 600%. This increase has upped morale for our sales team, increased the time spent on the phone versus dialing, and overall has led to higher sales and higher commission pay. Mango Voice had our new call system setup in just a few hours and their support has been excellent. I highly recommend them to any business that is looking for a new call service.”
–    Justin Averett, CFO of HFB Technologies

Local Presence Dialing

According to an independent study, prospects are more than 4x more likely to answer calls from local numbers. Increasing contact rates from 10% to 40%. That would be a huge increase for any business!
These guys were able to dramatically improve their results:

Infinity by Marvin Dealer has been in the home remodeling business for 30 years. They have used sophisticated dealers and other phone systems in the past to increase their dialing effectiveness. Recently in their weekly meeting with their call center agents, they noticed that their agents were overly enthusiastic and on fire because their appointment set rate (the rate at which they can successfully schedule an appointment) increased by about 400%. Under a close review, this is what they found. You see, the week prior, management subscribed to Mango Voice’s Local Presence service. This service changes their Caller ID from an 800 # to a local number when an agent calls a customer. Mango Voice will dynamically change the Agents Caller ID to a local number shown to the customer. This small change has yielded huge dividends.

The company also noticed a significant difference in customer attitude on the phone. They found when customers answered a call from a local number they were less guarded and friendly. Another notable difference was that customers did not question the Agent as to the location of the Company.
Again because the number was local this gave the company greater credibility. These two factors lead to a 400 % increase in appointment setting. Customers calling back on missed calls increased 3.5 times because of increased receptiveness, more positive interactions with the customer. This lead to another increase in agent enthusiasm that also contributed to sales opportunities.
Key points:

  • Contact rate: Increased by 400%
  • Appointment set rate: Increased by 300%
  • Customer return call rate: Increased 350%
  • Customer receptiveness: Noticeable increase
  • Company credibility: Noticeable increase
  • Agent attitude and effectiveness: Definite increase
  • Overall sales opportunity: Off the charts

Let us show you how Local Presence Dialing will increase the contact rate of your business!