How Your Phone System Can Increase Your Marketing Effectiveness By 400%

Increase your Marketing effectiveness by 400%
Case Study – Home Remodeling Company
Infinity by Marvin Dealer has been in the home remodeling business for 30 years. They have used varied marketing techniques including call center selling teams with sophisticated dialers and other phone systems to increase their dialing effectiveness. In a recent meeting with their call center agents, they noticed a heightened level of enthusiasm and energy because their appointment set rate (the rate at which they can successfully schedule an appointment) had increased tremendously! A review of their processes and systems, revealed an amazing and unique contributor to the changes in sales team dynamics.
You see, in recent weeks, management subscribed to Mango Voice’s Local Presence service. Mango Voice Local Presence service enables a company to dynamically change their caller ID to a local area code instead of showing a 1-800 number when a call center agent calls a customer. This small, inexpensive yet dynamic change has yielded incredible results!
The first measurable difference was a dramatic increase in the contact rate (the percentage of customer answering their phone). Infinity by Marvin Dealer saw their contact rate go from 10% to 40% immediately! In other words, customers were more likely to answer the phone when a local number appeared on their caller ID.
The company also noticed a significant difference in customer attitudes on the phone. They found that when customers answered a call from a local number, they were less guarded and more friendly. Customers were more receptive and agents were able to have more positive interactions with customers. Agent productivity increased through positive energy and greater enthusiasm, which contributed to more sales opportunities and future contacts.
The local presence service provided by Mango Voice gave the company greater credibility and increased their immediate value to the customer. In addition, customers did not question the agent as to the location of the company or the company’s ability to serve their needs. These two factors led to a 400 % increase in the number of appointment set by agents. The return call rate from customers who missed the initial contact call also increased to a rate nearly 3.5 times greater than previous return call rates. This means that customers were more likely to call a local number back when the call was missed.
Local Presence service by Mango Voice was a critical tool for increased revenues and sales opportunities for Infinity by Marvin Dealer and it will work for your business too!
Key points
Contact rate increased by 400%
Appointment set rate increased by 300%
Customer return call rate increased 350%
Greater customer receptiveness
Greater company credibility and value
Greater sales force effectiveness through agent buy-in
Tremendous sales opportunity increases and marketing effectiveness