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Mango Voice’s co-founder and CEO, Dave Mcbride, was interviewed by Outlier Magazine in episode 401 of the Outlier podcast. In this interview with Ever Gonzales, he covers the secrets to his success and how Mango Voice is different than other VoIP phone system solutions on this Mango Voice Phones Podcast.
The Outlier podcast features interviews with entrepreneurs and “disruptors” in their respective industries who are taking a different approach to business. These business minded founders and individuals are breaking the status quo and changing the world. This Mango Voice Phones Podcast is no different. They take their conversation from personal to business covering all the ins and outs of the business.

“There is nothing better than coming home after a long day at the office and having children get excited to see me.” – Dave McBride

Dave McBride got his start as an entrepreneur mowing lawns. His early years encompassed several small startups. He later found himself in the world of technology. After starting an internet service provider company, Dave found that many of his clients didn’t have a basic phone system to serve their respective operations. Since McBride had all the resources and technology to customize a business phone system for his clients, he did just that. From there, Mango Voice was born.
McBride also covers other key elements to his success by discussing barriers to his success, operations challenges and how he has overcome these obstacles. Dave has always carried with him a desire to keep his customers happy and show them he is listening to their requests. This has greatly contributed to the success of Mango Voice by allowing them to create a customized solution that truly sets them apart in the industry of business phone systems.
Mango Voice has always been clearly separated from other VoIP phone systems by providing a much more simple solution to phone systems. Mango Voice not only provides a simple solution, but it also boasts the best features in the industry. This phone system is scalable, affordable, feature-rich and easy to use.
Listen to Episode 401 on Outlier podcast; Dave McBride | Mango Voice Phones Podcast


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