Making Marketing Matter: How to use a tracking phone number

Mango Voice tracking phone number
Using a tracking phone number when you are marketing and advertising your business is one of the best ways to measure your investment. A tracking phone number means that you only use a certain number in one lead generating source. By tracking the performance on that one tracking phone number, you are able to see just how much response you are getting from that lead source within your cloud-based phone system. The ability to measure the engagement of a lead channel is invaluable when you think of just how much money your business can spend in different ventures.

Make Marketing Matter With Tracking Phone Numbers

It’s no secret that marketing is the key to business success. It’s all about finding what kind of marketing works for you and your business within your industry. Marketing can take on many forms. Sometimes word of mouth may seem like all you need to get by. But who wants to just get by? In a world with so much technology and social platforms with a global reach, it would be adventitious to take your marketing to the online world.
Marketing online can be tricky, however, this is where a tracking phone number is really the best-suited tool to measure your venture online. By using a unique phone number in your Facebook ads or AdWords campaigns, you can then see which avenue is serving your business through your cloud-based phone system. This is another great reason to be a Mango Voice customer. With our easy to navigate, drag-and-drop interface, you can see call routes and track phone number performance.
For instance, let’s say that you assigned a number to a Facebook campaign. Did you know that you can buy a phone number for as little as $4.99 in some cases? Add this number to your Mango Voice account and start tracking performance. You can see how many calls, along with date and time, are coming in from this number. As long as you utilize it for one lead source, it can effectively show you just how well that lead source is gathering traffic.

Tracking Phone Number Using Mango Voice Features

The reports inside of your Mango Voice dashboard can also show you more statistics on the performance from each phone number that you have assigned. These reports can help you see days, times and call durations. You can also record calls and listen back to them to ensure your team is handling the calls appropriately. Listening to recorded calls can also help you to ensure that the calls you are getting a certain phone number aren’t spammy or junk calls. You can measure the actual call quality of your VoIP phone system and help encourage your sales and customer service staff on how to close business.
In some instances, you can even set up a call route for the tracking phone number that you are using in your advertising. If the call rings during a certain time or if the call rings from a certain ad, you can choose a call route. Send it to your sales team, round robin a couple of salespeople or have it ring their mobile phones if they are out of the office. The possibilities are endless. Each phone number can have its own call route so that you can ensure your marketing dollars are not being wasted on a call that goes unanswered.

Smarter Marketing for Successful Business

Have you ever heard the expression, “work smarter, not harder?” Well, tracking phone numbers are the epitome of working smarter. You already use phone numbers when you advertise, why not use a phone number that has some data tied to it? No more guesswork when you are tracking your sales for the month. You’ll know exactly which lead sources are converting.
Many advertising channels are expensive, time-consuming to set up, or maybe you’re just not sure about the audience. With tracking phone numbers and Mango Voice, you have all the tools you need to quantify your marketing channels through your VOIP business phone service. Know which ones are producing real results, and can the other non-producing advertising. Money spent marketing can feel like a gamble. Measure your return on investment clearly while using call tracking phone numbers.

Mango Voice Call Tracking Phone Numbers

Mango Voice offers a plethora of features to make utilizing your business phone system more than just answering a call. You literally have a powerhouse of data, reporting, and customizable features to make business your phone system the best working tool for your company. Make your business function on another level and find out where you are missing opportunities. Don’t lose any more calls. Don’t waste money on ads when your team isn’t around to answer important sales calls. With all of the features of Mango Voice, you can set call routes, schedules and forward calls with Find Me Follow Me to mobile phones for team members that are away from their desk.
Smart marketing is the best marketing. Make call tracking phone numbers part of your strategy on Mango Voice. Track your marketing, see what channels are performing and close more business. A business phone system that can do all of that is definitely something that every business owner can appreciate. Guarantee a big ROI with your marketing by utilizing Mango Voice.