New Partner Platform and Incentives for Referrals

Mango Voice System Partner Platform
Mango Voice is launching new partner platform programs and incentives for referrals. In a press release published by the Channel Partners website for the Channel Partners Conference and Expo held at the Venetian and Sands Expo in Las Vegas (NV), Mango Voice announced their new initiative to strengthen their partner platform programs. Mango Voice, a cloud-based phone system and unified communications company has established itself in the communications sphere as the go-to company for businesses that are looking for a simplified phone solution without sparing features.

Partner Platform Program Incentives

The new incentive structure for partners makes referring business to Mango Voice worthwhile. Mango Voice is centered around the customer experience. The entire experience with Mango Voice has been customized and catered to the needs of each client’s company to make their phone system and unified communications simple yet optimized. Partners have access to rich solutions with easy to use drag-and-drop interfaces. Find industry-specific solutions for dental office phones, call centers, healthcare and a full proprietary hotel solution.

Mango Voice Partner Testimonial

Partners who offer Mango Voice to their customers are finding great value in their referrals. Help others ditch their business landline with a VoIP phone business phone service. One happy partner says:

Have you ever tried selling, or worse managing your own phone solution? It was a nightmare for our small shop. Swithcing to Mango Voice has allowed us to offer a truly scalable and professional and afordable phone solution to our cusotmes while still giving us the control as if it were our own self-hosted solution. We love it!
R. Lebaron (Glitch Busters)

Comment From Mango Voice CEO

Dave McBride, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mango Voice had this to say about the new partner platform and incentives announcement:

The simplicity of our user interface and rich features provides a unique and custom tailored solution. We offer state of the art features like drag and drop interface, US based customer service, and a true geo-redundant platform.

Features of Partner Platform

Mango Voice has always been proud of the excellent customer service experience. They provide personalized training and support for each new account. Setup of a Mango Voice VoIP business phone service is fast. An entire office can be up and running within a day or two. All of Mango Voice’s support staff are located in the United States. This makes communicating with Mango hassle free and easy.
The platform that Mango Voice is releasing is truly geo-redundant. This means that your VoIP phone system information is duplicated across multiple locations ensuring that your phone system will not suffer from unexpected outages or technical delays. Geo-redundancy with servers is a best-practice in the technology space to protect data and secure your business phone system communications. Our secure servers are well maintained, backed up and ready to handle your calls.
The drag-and-drop interface is another great feature to boast about. See just how easy it is to log in to your phone system, drag a few boxes around and have a fully customized solution that will sync with your office workflow. Don’t like how that’s working out? Simply log in and drag a few boxes around to change it up.

Mango Voice Testimonial on Facebook

Mango Voice Testimonial on Facebook

More About Mango Voice

Mango Voice provides a best in class communication and phone system for business. They provide solutions for specific industries and integrate with popular software. Mango is a truly geo-redundant platform that protects your business communication and makes it run without any errors or downtime. Call centers, hotels, dentists, healthcare and professional offices in a variety of industries have already found working with a Mango Voice phone system undeniably simple.
This unified communications system offered by Mango Voice can also track ROI on your marketing with tracking phone number analytics when you use unique numbers for marketing campaigns. The new partner platform provides businesses with more resources. Stay on top of cutting-edge technology with Mango Voice. Do more with your phone system. Mango Voice. Phones. Made simple.

Channel Partners Mango Voice Press Release

Read the full Press Release published by Channel Partners, April 2018

Read the full Press Release published by Channel Partners on April 18, 2018.     Or catch Dave McBride on the Mango Voice Phones podcast. Ready to upgrade your phone system? Contact Mango Voice to schedule a demo: 435-767-0882