The Power Of VoIP Phones For Your Business

The Power of VoIP

If you haven’t notice lately there is a lot of chatter about VoIP phone services and their benefits. If you do not know what VoIP is, then you definitely don’t know what you are missing.
The definition of VoIP, is Voice Over Internet Protocol. This means that instead of your phone/voice service going over copper lines, it goes over the internet. VoIP has opened up opportunities that will take the phone industry into a new era of phone service. For starters out of the gate it removes the limitations traditional service produces while at the same time proving to be a less expensive alternative.

Traditional phone systems and service:

Before VoIP you could only get phone service from a local phone company. Each line costs $45 a month but then you could only make or receive one call on that line at a time which then meant you had to buy more lines. Then, if you wanted, voicemail, long distance, and caller ID it cost $65-$80 per line. The average 5 line service costs $325 a month for dial tone a 3 basic features. If you wanted more features a phone system was required. The average cost of a phone system with 10 phones would run you initially $10,000. On top of that you would have to pay an IT company to maintain the system and over time that got pricey.
The problem with this solution is…

  • too expensive
  • too hard to add features
  • you can’t scale without spending a fortune to upgrade your system
  • you’re limited to phone lines
  • charged long distance
  • 100% liability of the system crashing is on you.

The alternative:

VoIP is easily the best phone solution on the market today. It offers virtually no limitations. With it you get unlimited lines (meaning no more busy signals), free long distance, and can add features as they come out at no cost to you. In addition you receive online access to customize the service to meet your business’s needs. VoIP also offers unified communication (meaning you can sync your desk phone, laptop, and cell phone to work together to make sure your customers get to you and not your voicemail). This has proven to increase sales opportunities.
VoIP is again the best solution because it unifies your communication, simply connects multiple locations, offers 100’s of features, includes backup systems, removes limitations, and provides online access for quick adjustments. If you are considering switching to VoIP you would join the 100’s of thousands of small, medium, and large business who have already done so. Stop working for your phone system and let your phone system work for you.
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