Mango Announces the Release of New Mobile App

PRESS RELEASE — St George, Utah – October 2020 –  Mango Voice, LLC, a cloud-based phone system and unified communications company that provides industry leading scale and reliability, is proud to announce their new, revolutionary, user-friendly mobile app. With brand new features that make your mobile device a seamless extension of your office phone, this is sure to be a game changer for businesses all around the world. 

“At Mango our focus is to simplify and enhance communication for the most important interactions. This focus has allowed us to deliver trusted, reliable, and industry leading platform solutions. Our customers rely on us every day to provide them with the tools they need to engage their patients and customers in new and dynamic ways. The purpose of the new mobile app is to allow users to experience the reliability and functionality of Mango on their mobile devices.” – Kevin Tallman, CEO, Mango

With Mango’s new call-on-the-go features, you can ensure you stay connected to your business, no matter where you are. Your mobile phone is now a direct mirror of your extension. This includes inbound and outbound calls, along with transferred calls to your extension. No more missing calls when you’re away from your desk. You can even park calls and transfer calls to another extension, right from your mobile phone.

See Voicemails from your office on your mobile device. Never miss a client, customer, or inquiry. Access voicemails from your office on your mobile phone! Listen to voicemails, view voicemails as text transcripts, see what time the message was left, and call them back any time – right from your mobile phone. Never worry about giving out or using your personal phone number. Calling customer’s back from your mobile device will show your business line as the outgoing number. 

Record calls you place and receive on your mobile device. Once enabled on your extension, Mango offers the option to log and record all calls! Recording calls allows you to monitor all conversations to ensure communications between staff and customers are maximized to drive your bottom line.

Access personal and company contacts:  Effortlessly call directly from your phone contacts with your business number. Call from your mobile directory or the company directory with the click of a button. Our mobile app integrates with your native call history to call back customers and see missed calls.

Seamless Communication: You can now use your mobile device independently or use it in combination with your web phone and desktop phone. Desktop, web, and mobile device sync seamlessly. Wherever you go or whatever device you use, we’ve got you covered.

About Mango Voice, LLC: Mango Voice is an enterprise-grade VoIP phone system based in the cloud. Cut your phone bill in half and utilize time-saving features to make your business run better. Mango Voice is centered around the customer and client experience. Their focus is to provide simplicity to the workplace while increasing customer satisfaction and retention.  

The release of their new mobile app will forever change how all business owners engage with their customers. With a specialized focus on both large and small businesses, along with government agencies, schools, dental offices, hospitality, and other professional industries, contact them today to find out how you can change your business for the better.