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Mango Plus
$24.95/month for up to 1-5 users
24 Month Call Recording
Voicemail Transcription
Mango Chat
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Mango Desktop
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What's included with Mango Plus?
Engage customers and office communications like never before

Unified Communications
Mango Desktop The Mango Desktop app is a game changer. You won’t believe how convenient it is until you try it for yourself!
  • Mango Chat - Create teams and collaborate with an incredibly simple team chat interface.
  • Click-to-call - It's as simple as it sounds. Just click a number and your business phone will dial it.
  • Fax Portal - Send and receive faxes.
  • Visual Voicemail - Listen to your voicemails.
  • Available on Mac and PC
  • SMS - Now you can use your Business phone number to 2way text with customers (HIPAA compliant).
Text From Your business Phone Number
SMS Send & Recieve text messages from your business phone number. Did you know most text messages are read within 3 seconds? Text messaging is often much faster than a business phone call. Start texting today! Create Teams You can even create teams like “Sales” or “Support” and send text messages directly to and from these teams.
Collaborate As A Team
Mango Chat Collaborate & Engage when you organize into teams Share ideas, send files, and increase overall office communication and production by using Mango Chat in team environments. Send & Recieve text messages You can now send and recieve text messages as a team from your business phone number. It’s simply more efficient.