Mango Desktop

Collaborate & Engage with the Mango Desktop App

Multiple calling options

Built in Softphone: Get rid of your desktop phone completely or use it in combination with a laptop while on-the-go.


Sync your computer with your desktop phone and use Click-to-Call. Manual dialing is now a thing of the past!

Screen Pop

Receive real-time call alerts of incoming calls to your extension.

Unified Communications

View call history and unified communications across different channels.

Manage Voicemails

Manage Voicemails from the mobile app.


View your voicemail transcriptions.


All calls are logged and can be recorded if it is enabled on your extension.

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Text Messaging

Send and receive text messages from your computer using your business number.
Text message as a team or department.
Supports multiple teams.
Send and receive images.
Group unread - once a member of your team responds to the client, it will mark unread for everyone.
Group history - see all communication history between the client and team.

Integrated & Seamless

Can be used independently or used with your web phone, mobile app, and desktop phone.
Your desktop phone is now a mirror of your extension, anytime some dials and transfer calls to your extension it will ring.


View fax history and documents.
Send fax and receive faxes.