Who is Mango and where did we come from?

Hey Mango family! It’s been awhile since we introduced ourselves!

We take pride in our company, our customers, and our amazing team.

Here’s a little about Mango you may not know:

Our continued goal and Mission Statement:

Simplify and enhance communications for our customer’s most important interactions.

Where we came from:

Mango’s telecommunication roots started over 14 years ago. We originally began as an internet company, offering wireless and fiber optic services throughout Utah and Nevada. We transitioned into offering phone services for homes and businesses and then expanded to schools and hotels. We quickly learned that setting up and updating bulky PBX servers and trying to maintain all of the equipment was beyond cumbersome. We knew there had to be a better way. And if there wasn’t, we’d create it. 

Building Mango:

Our goal – have one system to rule them all. (Yes, that was a Lord of the Rings reference.) 

Our plan – one system with the ability to supply updates all at once to everyone. We wanted the concept of one server failing and everyone going down to be a thing of the past. 

With our creation of server farms across the country, that meant that if one system went down it did not affect us or our customers. We also wanted to get rid of regular traditional mass phone systems and make bulky equipment a thing of the past. Traditional phone systems required a regular user to be a certified technician in order to make changes to their own phone line. That didn’t work for us. Instead, we decided to design a system that was easy enough for anyone in the world to use. 

What truly sets us apart is that when we designed Mango’s phone system, we created whatever features our customer’s asked for, as opposed to what Telco companies offer.

That means our system is built for you, by you.

What’s in a name?

So, why are we Mango? Because we take a fresh approach to something old and stale. We’re simple, easy, fun, and fresh. 🥭

What sets us apart?

No intimidating equipment, easy-to-use interface, ground-breaking integrations, seamless features, unbeatable U.S-based customer service, and how much we truly care about both you and your business.

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