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Carla N, Office Manager

Our company switched our telephone service to Mango Voice in June of 2015. We have enjoyed an 80% savings on our bill (yes, you read that right – 80% savings $$$), but equally important is the quality and value of the services we have received. As a small business, we were never able to afford the bells and whistles of high-end PBX systems. Now we have an auto attendant, on hold music, voicemail to email, call waiting, and an app that allows us to return customer calls on the go from our cell phones with all the features we would have sitting at our desk!
Mango Voice gave us a phone solution with all the features we could have dreamed of at a highly competitive and affordable price!

Jason Emett, VP, Acentus Consulting

I have been in the call center industry for over 15 years, Mango Voice is a game changer. This is the most affordable and simple way to make national calls while keeping the costs minimal. We literally have 100% uptime and integrating new lines is easy. I recommend Mango Voice to any size of call center as a low-cost high-value partner.

Barry Clarkson, Lawyer, Clarkson & Associates, LLC

My law office replaced our telephone system with Mango Voice several months ago and we are very pleased with the new VoIP system. Call clarity is much better, the programmability is very impressive, and it is easy to use and adaptable for any office or situation. It has helped us to save money with communications between remote offices. It is truly worth its weight in gold.

Jeff Meacham, IT Specialist, Legend Solar

We searched everywhere in Saint George to get a phone system, with great frustration. We were told by three companies that it would take anywhere from 6-8 weeks, Mango Voice came out the next day. Their tech support is awesome, customer service amazing, and we really couldn’t be happier. Thanks, Mango!!!!