The Greatest VoIP Reseller Program

Why does Mango Voice have the best VoIP reseller program? Because we are in this business too. Every day we are working with clients OVER delivering on value and simplifying their businesses. We’ve taken the hardest part out of the equation. Click the button below, and become a VoIP reseller today.

Competitive Rates

In order to keep your business afloat, you need to have a healthy margin on the resale of VoIP services. When you use Mango Voice, you’ll enjoy the benefit of having competitive rates that enable you to run your business efficiently. We’ll sell you the minutes for a steep discount and you can then resell them to your customers with a healthy margin.

Mobile Friendly

Want to run your business from the beach? On your phone? Go right ahead. All our platforms and services will function to full capacity on your desktop, tablet, phone, and watch. Okay, maybe not the watch. When you’re running a great business as a Mango Voice VoIP reseller, we don’t want technology to slow you down. Do more, everywhere, with mobile friendly services.

Control Panel

The ship wouldn’t sail without the control panel. Mango Voice’s control panel is leading the industry with easy-to-use functionality and design. Get more done quicker with Mango Voice’s VoIP reseller control panel. Pull up the control panel anywhere you go. Easily manage clients, onboard new customers, send invoices, collect bills, monitor account usage, and more with the easy-to-use dashboard interface.

Highly Scalable

Because Mango Voice uses the cloud, the sky is the limit to your growth! You could go from 0 to 1,000,000 customers virtually overnight without any downtime. Use a reseller that will grow as your business grows. You can count on us to keep your business soaring above the rest.

White Label

Put your brand first. Build trust and rapport with your clients by showing them the great services that you offer them. Your customers will see you as a trusted and reliable business solution. No need to be worried about displaying our brand or discourage customers with a façade. You will be front and center to all your customers while we provide.

No Hidden Fees

Our super transparent pricing is clearer than glass. We believe that helping you succeed is the only way that we will ever succeed. That’s why, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be making and exactly how much we’ll be making.

I looked at other VoIP companies, but in my opinion, no other company can offer the flexibility, and responsiveness, features and service that Mango Voice can and save you money too!

Jim Scherer

What is a VoIP Reseller

A VoIP reseller is someone who buys minutes from a VoIP provider in bulk and then resells them for a profit to their own client base. This is an excellent way to a product to your existing line of services and make healthy profit margins. Other companies use this method all of the time. They will buy in bulk and then sell at retail. Think of any of your local grocery stores or outlet malls. In this case, Mango Voice would be the VoIP service provider and you would be the reseller. You would buy the minutes from us in bulk and then resell those minutes (along with other services) to your customers at retail. This makes you a VoIP reseller and us the provider.

Benefits of Using Mango Voice as a VoIP reseller

There are many benefits to using Mango Voice as a VoIP reseller. We’re reliable, offer awesome support, and will provide training to ensure that you can succeed with your business ventures!


You know that car that you would always question whether you would make it to work that day? Or, the internet service provider that would have to load every .452 seconds? Yeah, those really stink huh? Well, when you become a VoIP reseller with us, you won’t have to worry about anything going wrong. We’ve been around for a long time. This means that we know where the hiccups come up and we know how to navigate around them. Keeping you up and going is our main goal.


Technology can get really confusing! Yeah, there’s a ton of guides, eBooks, tutorials, walk-throughs, and how to videos out there. But, sometimes, it’s nice just to say, “Hey, can you just show me really quick?” Or you could say, “Hey, will you just do it for me?” And you know what? That’s why we’re here. Whether you need help onboarding that new client, figuring out how to turn a conference call on, or send an important fax we’re here to help guide you through the process.


There’s nothing more frustrating than to sign your new deal with an awesome new VoIP provider as a VoIP reseller and not fully understand how the whole system works. We understand. That’s why, with any new system and with any new feature we’ll walk you through the ins and outs until you feel like a real pro. Everything VoIP reseller related will be like second nature to you and you’ll wonder why you never learned more about it sooner.

What is VoIP

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. But is also sometimes referred to as Internet telephone. Essentially it is just that. An alternative to using a traditional landline. This awesome technology is changing the way businesses do business. It has many features and benefits that greatly enhance the efficiency, speed, and functionality of any small to medium sized business.