Press Kit

Everything you need to represent Mango
while maintaining our brand standards.


App Icon

This is the Mango Voice app icon.

Mango Voice Logo

This is the Mango Voice logo.


Go Mobile App - Phone Systems

4 Phones

This image shows 4 phones that show the 4 main features of our mobile app in use.

Phone Making Call

This image shows the mobile app in use making a phone call.

Phone Texting

This image shows the mobile app in use texting.


Primary Colors

These are the primary colors that are used in the Mango logo and should be used to represent the Mango brand.

Dark Blue
C:99 M:75 Y:49 K:52
R:0 G:43 B:64
C:0 M:81 Y:96 K:0
R:241 G:86 B:38

Secondary Colors

These are the secondary colors that can be used to highlight and accent artwork, landing pages, etc. in support of representing the Mango brand.

C:83 M:35 Y:38 K:5
R:34 G:129 B:143
Light Blue
C:39 M:10 Y:13 K:0
R:154 G:198 B:212