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Hosted Phone solutions for Education

Get the best VOIP solution for students and teachers—while saving money.

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Let your IT staff spend their time and resources on more important things. Interconnect multiple offices and locations seamlessly, integrate with existing intercom systems and other hardware. Mango Voice hosted phones allow your organization to receive even the highest increase in calls, never get a busy signal again.

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Why You Should Choose Mango Voice?

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It’s not always easy for educational institutions to find a phone system that will fit your needs. Their educational budgets and IT necessities can be a little more complicated.

Mango Voice provides the customer service and the high end technology that your institution will need. That’s our guarantee.

Plus we are a small business that will pick up the phone when you call.

Now for some technical stuff.

The Mango Voice system provides the cost-efficiency, rich feature set, reliability, and simplicity needed by the education industry to function, serve, and succeed:


Mango Voice efficiently handles ever-changing populations of users, campus expansions, and legacy integrations—so IT staff can rapidly conduct moves, adds and changes without massive infrastructure or technology costs.


Mango Voice delivers the superior 24/7 reliability and performance levels required to help ensure communications quality and student safety.


Mango Voice intuitive interfaces and features make system navigation and upkeep simple, so users have easy-to-use tools at their fingertips to help them be productive,and administrators save time and IT resources to focus on core educational projects.

The ShoreTel Connect CLOUD hosted and managed phone system is an experienced E-Rate service provider.


This means that Mango Voice integration is painless. Our team, not your internal resources, provide training and direct support to your employees. We manage all of the hardware and software required.


Mango Voice becomes your phone system provider and telecommunications carrier. Education clients receive only one monthly, predictable invoice to manage and one place to go for help and support.


There is a myth that VoIP phone systems are unreliable and offer poor audio quality. But the fact is, not all cloud-based phone systems are created equally. Our solution offers secure, private connections to our state-of-the-art infrastructure, ensuring excellent performance and voice quality.

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  • Scale across multiple locations
  • Reduce hardware cost and IT support
  • High Availability- Using Mango redundant cloud phone service
  • 911 info- see which rooms called 911 in an emergency
  • Paging/Intercom-Paging Zones,integrated with existing PA and intercom systems.
  • Eliminate local telephone service provider
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Contact Mango Voice for your FREE Quote:

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