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Why Mango Voice?


Mango Voice is the best! We were already using another VoIP service at the time that we were not happy with. On a daily basis we experienced dropped calls, garbled sound, and half the time we could hear our patients but they couldn’t hear us. It was completely unacceptable and the worst part was their customer service. They just told us they were experiencing growing pains and nothing ever got better.

Then one day a sales rep came by and introduced us to Mango Voice. We switched over and have enjoyed the hassle free service these last 6 months. No more one sided conversations or dropped calls, it has been the service we expected to get the first time.

Mango Voice has been nothing short of amazing. Don’t get me wrong no one is perfect and we can’t expect that, but the least we can expect is a quality product backed by reliable customer service and that is what Mango Voice has delivered.

I would recommend them to anyone!

Thank you Mango Voice.


Jade Moellendorf

National Marketing/Sales Director, iSmile & Affiliated Offices

Our Offer



$50 credit for each hands free headset you order

Get a $50 credit towards a new hands free headset when you sign up today for Mango Voice.


Enjoy flat pricing at just $25/month per phone!

Without this special offer, you would have to sign up for at least 10 phones to get $25/month pricing (See Regular Pricing). For a limited time, you can pay just $25/month with just 1 phone!


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