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Why Business Fax Machines Are Out
Fax machines are considered old technology and are often heavily lacking in security. Both incoming and outgoing faxes do not come with a guarantee of confidential transmission, which poses potential risks to every organization that uses them. Traditional fax machines are NOT a naturally secure way to exchange sensitive information.

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The Best Cloud-Based Business Fax Solution

Mango Voice Secure Business Fax adds all the security in all the right places.
We have re-invented the process of secure fax, making it easier for you to share time-sensitive information without worrying about security issues.


Through Mango’s business fax feature, you can fax from your mobile device by simply adding an attachment or taking a picture. We encrypt the transmission and store your data in our super-secure cloud-based server. Unique features such as password-protected logins to access fax, the ability to adjust the number of times fax can be downloaded or accessed, and more.


Fax. Made Simple.

Mango’s cloud-based business phone system couldn’t be easier. Quickly see a list of your files and access them whenever you need them. We’ll worry about all the locks and keys and keep your files safe.

Save time, money, and stress.

Find a better way to send business fax messages with Mango.