Dental Office Phones, Made Simple.


Mango Voice offers a specialized dental office phone system to make your practice stand above the rest.

Dental Office Phones : Integrated & Optimized.


Mango Voice Phones offer a simple solution for dental offices. We integrate with popular dental software to make your electronic records systems and your phone systems work together. Don’t do double duty! With our integrations, you can enjoy a full range of optimized features.

Bundle with one of our partners and take advantage of these great features:

  • Smart Caller ID
  • Screen Pops
  • Appointment Reminders / Confirmation
  • Account Information
  • 2-Way-Texting
  • Business SMS
  • Email / Text
  • … And more!

If your office is ready to be more efficient with integrated phone system features and optimized operations, give Mango Voice a call today. We’ll provide you with a FREE estimate and discuss the best solutions for your new phone system. Mango Voice is fast! Call today and we will get you up and running without skipping a beat.


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Hinman Dental 2018 – Georgia World Conference Center
March 22-24

ADA – Hawaii Convention Center
October 18-20

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Glenn Vo, Jonathan Karren just saved me $3600/yr with Mango. My first quarter goal was to increase profits by 1%. Pretty sure I just crushed that 😜. Thanks!!!

Posted by Lacy Andreotta with Southern Dental Care

Reviews About Mango Voice Phone Service:

“Just switched to mango on Monday and it has been seamless. I love that it will forward after hours emergencies to my cell and I don’t need to leave my number on a recording or pay an answering service. Being able to listen to voicemails from home was also helpful this week with a snow storm yesterday. If your internet goes out (which was my main concern), you can forward calls to a cell phone.”

B. Shanley

“We switched to Mango… I have to say I was skeptical at first. That said, Mango has great customer support. They are always adding features. Jonathan Karren and his team have definitely changed my mind about VoIP phone service companies. They currently have many great features that we love (each call is recorded, voicemail-to-email, calling from within their app — it shows up as your office phone number; I can’t tell you how cool that feature is. Last night when I called a patient he said “are you still at the office?”). Their price is also very reasonable.”

D. Sanders