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The most advanced business intelligence platform for dentists and chiropractors.

BlueIQ collects data from your management system, Google Analytics, Facebook, and Quickbooks. You can view and customize different metrics from the top as well as zoom down into one single location or category to isolate concerns or highlight wins. Growing your practice or group practice is easier with BlueIQ’s dental business platform.

Doctors love BlueIQ, and here’s why:

  1. BlueIQ created the ultimate, industry-specific dashboard for small businesses. Their goal is simple: to give businesses the power to make smarter, data-driven decisions.
  2. BlueIQ’s dental business platform connects data to the phone system, providing an additional dimension of customer service to the patient experience. Before a team member picks up the phone, they will know which patient is calling, their next appointment date, their balance, and other key information.
  3. BlueIQ knows that, ultimately, no matter how amazing numbers and data can be, it’s all driven by people. And when people are given the proper tools, the right environment, and a sense of purpose, success is inevitable.

Manage overhead and operating costs

BlueIQ combines your data across all locations into one easy-to-use app. You’ll see collections, expenses, and budget reports for all locations long before your CPA. You decide which reports to share to help manage collection activities and purchase orders. When your team is alerted to budget thresholds, you’ll keep your overhead right where you want it.

Create automated reports and alerts

BlueIQ regularly places a customizable summary report in your inbox. If BlueIQ sees a concern, if production dips, you’ll receive an alert specific to each location. You choose the KPIs you wish to monitor and how and when alerts are received. Luxury reporting and monitoring like this comes only with BlueIQ’s unique dental business platform.

Motivate your team with daily insights

BlueIQ unites teams by displaying progress toward set objectives. In morning huddles, BlueIQ provides team leaders with talking points in a clear, visual format. Every team member, from the front desk to the operatory, will see what needs attention, and what milestones should be celebrated. Bring your team together with BlueIQ’s Insights.

BlueIQ & Mango

BlueIQ is not a patient engagement service, but rather a unique business analytics platform. Combining the best VoIP system on the market with BlueIQ’s unique data platform will forever change the way our dental and chiropractic customers run their practice.

FREE Executive Phones

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