Why Mango Voice is the Best Dental Office Phone System

Did you know that Mango Voice has a customizable office phone system just for dentists? Mango Voice is the best choice for a dental office phone system. It’s no secret that we love making our amazing phone system even better by listening to each of our clients. One way that Mango Voice is constantly driving innovation in phone service is by customizing our solution to meet the needs of various industries. We know that not every business is the same. We also recognize significant differences between technology in different industries. That is why Mango Voice has made efforts to partner and integrate with industry software for dentists to help increase our ability to make the perfect phone system even more efficient for a dental office.

Dental Office Phones: Why you need VoIP

Technology is a fickle friend. It is constantly evolving and changing. Mango Voice understands this. We’ve built a phone system that is ready for change, upgrades, integrations and we are always innovating our product. You won’t get any of those things from a business landline. Now consider the dental industry. What do we have in common? We are always staying on the top of our game. For dental offices, they want a phone system that will guarantee great quality without costing an arm and a leg. This is why VoIP phone system technology is a great solution! Using an internet connection in the place of a dedicated telephone line saves money and is more efficient for communicating with patients.

VoIP business phone service is a fast, efficient, and an affordable way to upgrade your communication system. Enjoy better call quality and more functionality with voice over an internet protocol connection. With VoIP business phone service, you can create call flows that allow you to control what happens when your patient calls your office. Utilize our secure business fax feature with fax to email. Choose an auto-attendant message that welcomes your caller and directs them with prompts to schedule appointments or dial some one’s extension. Choose which staff member gets what call with our dial plan editors drag-and-drop user interface. It couldn’t be easier to drag and drop the whole workflow for what you want to happen when a patient calls your dental office phone.

What Makes Mango the Best for Dental Offices

Mango Voice offers a full list of features to all of our clients. Some of the features that dental office love are:

  • Smart Caller ID
  • Two-Way-Text Messaging
  • Appointment Reminders

Smart Caller ID

Smart Caller ID is a feature that allows your cloud-based phone system to integrate with your computers. With the Mango Voice customizable system, you can see an alert when a call is coming in. This alert will pop up on the screen and instantly gather information about the call before it is even answered. By looking up the number that is placing the call, the office staff can see if the number is recognized, if it belongs to a patient, and then quickly link to the system that stores the patients’ information. From there, they can add appointment information or make notes on the account. This makes answering calls at the dental office more efficient and provides better dental office phone service to your caller.


Two-Way-Text messaging is another feature that Mango Voice can provide to dental offices. This allows the use of SMS texting through your office business phone system as another way to communicate with patients and customers. By using the business SMS messaging system, there is no need for third-party programs or using personal cell phones for business communication. Keep all information and messaging in one system. Many people prefer text messaging when they are not available for a voice call, this feature allows businesses to stay in touch with their people and maintain a high level of professionalism.

Appointment Reminders

With Mango Voice’s dental office phone system, dental offices utilize an appointment reminder feature. This allows a reminder to be emailed or sent by SMS text regarding appointments. Each appointment is confirmed, canceled or rescheduled and recorded in the system. Appointment reminders help the office say on schedule. Especially for a dental office, making and keeping an accurate accounting of appointments will make the day flow more efficiently.

Dentist Office Phones with mango Voice

Dentist Office Phones with Mango Voice

Innovation and Integration for Dental Office Phones

Innovation is key to success with technology. Mango Voice recognizes great software within the dental industry that is key to keeping the business running smoothly. That is why we’ve chosen to partner our amazing business phone system with some of the most popular dental office electronic records systems and office software. By providing integrations with popular dental software, Mango Voice provides dental office phones that work with existing systems. This also aids in making the switch to Mango Voice fast and easy.

Marketing your dental office with Mango Voice can also help your dental office track the return on investment for your ad campaigns. Utilize unique dental call tracking phone numbers to identify which marketing campaign is making your phone ring the most. Track campaign telephone numbers and see which lead sources are leading to the most closed business.

Get Started With Mango Voice Phones

Mango Voice provides an excellent dental office phone system. We’d even venture to say that we are the best dental office phone system! We provide dental VoIP phone system technology to replace old fashion phone lines. VoIP technology makes provides great call quality and a full list of features. These features help the office run efficiently. Be more effective, provide better service with a Mango Voice business phone system. 

Learn more about Mango Voice phones by listening to our very own, Dave McBride, on this Mango Voice phones podcast.

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Making Marketing Matter: How to use a tracking phone number

Mango Voice tracking phone number

Using a tracking phone number when you are marketing and advertising your business is one of the best ways to measure your investment. A tracking phone number means that you only use a certain number in one lead generating source. By tracking the performance on that one tracking phone number, you are able to see just how much response you are getting from that lead source within your cloud-based phone system. The ability to measure the engagement of a lead channel is invaluable when you think of just how much money your business can spend in different ventures.


Make Marketing Matter With Tracking Phone Numbers

It’s no secret that marketing is the key to business success. It’s all about finding what kind of marketing works for you and your business within your industry. Marketing can take on many forms. Sometimes word of mouth may seem like all you need to get by. But who wants to just get by? In a world with so much technology and social platforms with a global reach, it would be adventitious to take your marketing to the online world.

Marketing online can be tricky, however, this is where a tracking phone number is really the best-suited tool to measure your venture online. By using a unique phone number in your Facebook ads or AdWords campaigns, you can then see which avenue is serving your business through your cloud-based phone system. This is another great reason to be a Mango Voice customer. With our easy to navigate, drag-and-drop interface, you can see call routes and track phone number performance.

For instance, let’s say that you assigned a number to a Facebook campaign. Did you know that you can buy a phone number for as little as $4.99 in some cases? Add this number to your Mango Voice account and start tracking performance. You can see how many calls, along with date and time, are coming in from this number. As long as you utilize it for one lead source, it can effectively show you just how well that lead source is gathering traffic.


Tracking Phone Number Using Mango Voice Features

The reports inside of your Mango Voice dashboard can also show you more statistics on the performance from each phone number that you have assigned. These reports can help you see days, times and call durations. You can also record calls and listen back to them to ensure your team is handling the calls appropriately. Listening to recorded calls can also help you to ensure that the calls you are getting a certain phone number aren’t spammy or junk calls. You can measure the actual call quality of your VoIP phone system and help encourage your sales and customer service staff on how to close business.

In some instances, you can even set up a call route for the tracking phone number that you are using in your advertising. If the call rings during a certain time or if the call rings from a certain ad, you can choose a call route. Send it to your sales team, round robin a couple of salespeople or have it ring their mobile phones if they are out of the office. The possibilities are endless. Each phone number can have its own call route so that you can ensure your marketing dollars are not being wasted on a call that goes unanswered.


Smarter Marketing for Successful Business

Have you ever heard the expression, “work smarter, not harder?” Well, tracking phone numbers are the epitome of working smarter. You already use phone numbers when you advertise, why not use a phone number that has some data tied to it? No more guesswork when you are tracking your sales for the month. You’ll know exactly which lead sources are converting.

Many advertising channels are expensive, time-consuming to set up, or maybe you’re just not sure about the audience. With tracking phone numbers and Mango Voice, you have all the tools you need to quantify your marketing channels through your VOIP business phone service. Know which ones are producing real results, and can the other non-producing advertising. Money spent marketing can feel like a gamble. Measure your return on investment clearly while using call tracking phone numbers.


Mango Voice Call Tracking Phone Numbers

Mango Voice offers a plethora of features to make utilizing your business phone system more than just answering a call. You literally have a powerhouse of data, reporting, and customizable features to make business your phone system the best working tool for your company. Make your business function on another level and find out where you are missing opportunities. Don’t lose any more calls. Don’t waste money on ads when your team isn’t around to answer important sales calls. With all of the features of Mango Voice, you can set call routes, schedules and forward calls with Find Me Follow Me to mobile phones for team members that are away from their desk.

Smart marketing is the best marketing. Make call tracking phone numbers part of your strategy on Mango Voice. Track your marketing, see what channels are performing and close more business. A business phone system that can do all of that is definitely something that every business owner can appreciate. Guarantee a big ROI with your marketing by utilizing Mango Voice.

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Dave McBride on Outlier Magazine – Mango Voice Phones Podcast

Mango Voice Phones Podcast

Mango Voice’s co-founder and CEO, Dave Mcbride, was interviewed by Outlier Magazine in episode 401 of the Outlier podcast. In this interview with Ever Gonzales, he covers the secrets to his success and how Mango Voice is different than other VoIP phone system solutions on this Mango Voice Phones Podcast.

The Outlier podcast features interviews with entrepreneurs and “disruptors” in their respective industries who are taking a different approach to business. These business minded founders and individuals are breaking the status quo and changing the world. This Mango Voice Phones Podcast is no different. They take their conversation from personal to business covering all the ins and outs of the business.


“There is nothing better than coming home after a long day at the office and having children get excited to see me.” – Dave McBride


Dave McBride got his start as an entrepreneur mowing lawns. His early years encompassed several small startups. He later found himself in the world of technology. After starting an internet service provider company, Dave found that many of his clients didn’t have a basic phone system to serve their respective operations. Since McBride had all the resources and technology to customize a business phone system for his clients, he did just that. From there, Mango Voice was born.

McBride also covers other key elements to his success by discussing barriers to his success, operations challenges and how he has overcome these obstacles. Dave has always carried with him a desire to keep his customers happy and show them he is listening to their requests. This has greatly contributed to the success of Mango Voice by allowing them to create a customized solution that truly sets them apart in the industry of business phone systems.

Mango Voice has always been clearly separated from other VoIP phone systems by providing a much more simple solution to phone systems. Mango Voice not only provides a simple solution, but it also boasts the best features in the industry. This phone system is scalable, affordable, feature-rich and easy to use.

Listen to Episode 401 on Outlier podcast; Dave McBride | Mango Voice Phones Podcast



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What is a VoIP phone system and why should I care?

Happy New Year! If you are like most business owners, they are constantly trying to find ways to innovate, cut costs and make their businesses more efficient. If these are some of your business goals for the new year, you better be sure you’ve jumped on the VoIP train. What is VoIP phone system, anyway? Let’s explore.

A VoIP phone system is the best solution for phones for modern businesses that aren’t stuck in prehistoric times. Not only does a VoIP phone system make your business more efficient with tons of cool features, it can also cut your phone bill in half. Still not sure you’re catching what we’re throwing? Here are some questions we’ll answer in this post:

  • VoIP Phone System – What is it?
  • Why is a VoIP Phone Systems in a “cloud”?
  • How does a VoIP Phone System save me time and money?


How the Old School phone system worked:

Traditional Phone Line Cons

A VoIP Phone System is a voice line hosted over the internet protocol phone system. Let’s take you back to the age of the prehistoric phone business landline. A dedicated line just for phone transmissions ran from the local service provider to your physical location. These business landlines transmitted data for your phones at a startlingly slow rate. Most of the time, you probably didn’t notice how slow. Most of the time, you probably weren’t your frustrated, confused customer that kept getting a busy signal during high call volume episodes, too. The not so lovely part about these old business landlines is that they are prone to dysfunction and fixing them required technical support outside of your office that would often take hours or days to fix anything. There was also zero accountability because you really didn’t know or had no way of knowing just how many missed calls and lost business was falling off the phone grid.

Enter the age of the internet. The internet has provided modern businesses with so many neat tools. We now have the ability to market our brand on a global scale with little effort. Our ability to leverage technology has scaled business possibilities into the clouds! But what does this all mean in terms of a VoIP phone system?

What is a VoIP Phone System?

Using the internet as the medium for conducting business phone systems, we can now transmit data to a VoIP phone system so much faster than the old phone lines. We can also utilize your current internet connection without having to run new wires to your business. Granted, a VoIP phone system is best utilized with a high-speed connection, but most business internet providers now provide speeds that make this requirement super easy to meet or exceed that requirement.

A VoIP phone system works faster, has more reliability and includes tons of fun features. What used to take you 3 calls to the phone company, lots of headaches and extra cash is now included with a VoIP phone system. You can easily set the hours of operation, manage voicemails, extensions, business fax to email, music on hold and all the glorious features that have become the new standard for a business phone system in a matter of seconds. No more busy signals or lost calls!

What is a VoIP Phone System in the “cloud”?

When you start learning more about VoIP business phone service technology, odds are you’ll start hearing these crazy terms about fluffy white clouds. Don’t let this confuse you. The technical world is especially fond of acronyms and crazy double-meaning words just to make it all the more fantastic when you figure out what we are actually saying. In terms of the infamous “cloud” what the technical world is referring to is a digital atmosphere where your servers are no longer just physical assets located in your business. Cloud-based phone system servers are duplicated across multiple physical locations making their redundancy so reliable that they are “cloud-esque”.

Mango Voice VOIP Phone System Cloud

By balancing data in repeat across multiple servers, this redundancy makes data loss next to impossible. Cloud-based phone system technology is also really cool because you can access the data from any internet connection. This makes having multiple physical locations for your business really easy for a VoIP phone system. You can also access the administrative side of your phone system from any web browser to make changes to call handling or access call records.

How does a VoIP phone system save me time and money?

VOIP Phone Save

Let’s get down to business. Most people could care less how all of this actually works, they just want to be sure they are making the right decision for their business. Business owners care about the bottom line; how is this saving me money and time? Easy. A VoIP phone system saves you money by using your existing internet connection. The only cost is the physical phone handset and a small monthly fee to access the administrative side of your phone system. Simple.

A VoIP phone system saves you time in many, many ways. Setup, for instance, goes from being a long, involved process to being plug and play. Unbox your pre-programmed phones, plug them in and start answering and making phone calls immediately. Save more time by using all the cool features. One of the most time-saving features is “find me, follow me”. Activate a mobile application on your smartphone and take business calls anywhere, anytime. No need to be waiting by your office phone all day. Carry on with your busy schedule and never miss a call. You can also record calls, set up call routing and much much more.

VoIP Phone System with Mango Voice

Mango Voice utilizes a VoIP phone system to bring businesses owners a simplified phone system with enterprise-grade features. We’re the favorite of savvy business owners and operators all around the country. Our clients have saved a lot of money switching to our service from traditional phone line service. Many clients have even switched from other VoIP providers to Mango Voice and saved, too! We don’t mess around. Let’s simplify life, save time, save money and make 2018 the most successful year yet!

Want us to give you a quote for VoIP phone service with Mango Voice? Call us today: 888-541-1397

Or email: sales@mangovoice.com

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Are you still using a business landline for your phone?

Land Line Business Phone

Are you still using a business landline for your phone?

Anyone out there still using a business landline for their phone? If so you should know that you are paying 30% more a month for your dial tone with half the benefit. VoIP Business phone services are the future and if you are not using it you should be unless you have a terrible internet connection or an outdated network 🙁 ! Mango Voice offers over 100 features with no limitations at an affordable price.

Imagine a business phone system that guarantees your customers, patients or clients would be greeted perfectly every time, and always got a chance to speak with someone. What would that do for your business? Do you currently have reports telling you how many calls you are missing on a daily basis? If not Mango Voice can help you with that.

Imagine no more busy signals or straight to voicemail’s when all of your business landlines are busy. Mango Voice features unlimited lines on a cloud-based phone system, free long distance and customized greetings along with an online self-management portal that is simple to use. You can also forward calls to your cell phone using find me follow me. Find me follow me allows a caller to call directly into your office phone first, then, if you are not at your desk after a set amount of seconds/rings the call will then forward automatically to your cell phone which equals more answered calls which means more closed business and happier customers.

There is a 15% chance of earning their business unless you get back to them in under 5 minutes.  However, even within 5 minutes, there’s an 80% chance that customer has already pulled up 5 other competitors of yours on their cell phone.
Has anyone called a business landline recently and was greeted with a busy signal or was sent straight to voicemail? I know I have and I thought, “hmm did I call the right number?” or “has the number been disconnected?” The truth is, if your customers are getting busy signals or voicemail’s without the opportunity to speak to someone there is a 15% chance of earning their business unless you get back to them in under 5 minutes. However, even within 5 minutes, there’s an 80% chance that customer has already pulled up 5 other competitors of yours on their cell phone.

Another example, I just signed up a customer who was still using landlines, they were paying $70 a month per line for 5 phone lines including a fax, and they used 10 phones at their office. I was able to cut their monthly bill by 43%. They were paying $396….now they’re paying $225. Plus, instead of just having 5 lines, they now have unlimited lines, free long distance and over 50 other enterprise features to help them grow their business! 


If a VoIP business phone service has been on your radar now is the time to invest in your new Mango Voice VoIP phone system. My name is Jonathan Karren and I would love the opportunity to be a part of making your business great! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or if you would like me to create a custom quote for your business. 


Jonathan Karren
Account Executive
Direct: 435-319-6207
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Top 3 Mistakes Businesses Make With VOIP Business Phone Service

voip business phone service

Get a better VOIP business phone service with Mango Voie

Business owners make mistakes. A lot. Some of the most costly mistakes end up being those corners cut in customer service. The most popular way people communicate with a business is by phone. If those phones are slow to connect, have terrible quality or if they drop calls… your customers will not be happy. VOIP business phone service is a step in the right direction, but even still, business owners make mistakes when choosing the right service for their business. Here are the top 3 most costly mistakes business owners make with their VOIP business phone service.

Number 1 : Your VOIP Business Phone Service Doesn’t Do That…

All VOIP business phone services are not created equally! Just because you signed up for a VOIP phone system, doesn’t mean you will get all of the great features that your company needs to run efficiently. There is an endless list of features that your VOIP business phone service is capable of having. Some of our favorite Mango Voice VOIP business phone service features include:

  • iOS and Android App for your Mobile Phone
  • Simple User Interface
  • Drag and Drop
  • Redundancy
  • Increased Up Time
  • Cloud-Based Phone System
  • Multiple Locations
  • API Integration
  • On-site Training
  • CRM Integration
  • No Maintenance Fees
  • Find Me / Follow Me Call Forwarding
  • Unlimited Minutes For Business
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Visual Dial Plan Editor
  • Auto Attendant
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Call Parking
  • Conference Rooms
  • Call Queues
  • Fax to Email
  • Call Recording
  • Schedule Based Call Routing
  • Music On Hold
  • Advertisement Tracking
  • Local Presence
  • Intercom Paging
  • Ring Groups
  • ….. And more in development!

Are you seeing this list? It’s huge! We can’t ever pick just one or two favorite features. Each one makes the business run so much smoother. Now, let’s visit another VOIP business phone service company and see what features they have…. Hm… Oh, nope. They don’t have that one, or the next one, or even the one after that! This is why going with the wrong VOIP business phone service without all the great features is one of the biggest mistakes a business owner can make.

I can already hear the critics… “But what does it matter if they don’t have fax to email? I have a fax machine!” To this, I simply say, “Oh dear.” Life in the technology age is really so much better. Relying on outdated technology is another big, huge, mistake. But this kind of thinking is what brings us to the second biggest, most costly mistakes a business owner can make.

Learn more about the Mango Voice difference with this case study: Local Presence Increased Contact Rate by 400%!

  • Take away for Number 1: Research features! Make sure you know what features you want and need in a VOIP business phone service.

Number 2 : The other guys say you have to do WHAT to set up your new phone system?

Setting up your new cloud-based phone system with the wrong company can be pretty complicated. Ya, they come with instructions, but so does all that fun furniture at the Ikea stores. It’s just not right now similar the instructions for building a sofa can compare to getting your new VOIP business phone system up and running with the wrong phone provider. VOIP business phones service is not the same at each company you work with. As we demonstrated with the long list of features that Mango Voice offers its’ customers, the setup process can be much different with other companies, too.

Mango Voice realized that getting your VOIP business phone service set up doesn’t have to be complicated. We don’t include a 50-page instruction manual with your phones. Although I’m sure if you wanted one from the phone manufacturer, we could find one for you. We only send a simple sheet with 4 steps on it to get your phones set up and an easy to understand diagram to show you what to plug in.

Getting started with Mango Voice has four simple steps:

  1. Contact Your Onboarding Specialist.You’ll have a dedicated specialist that has extensive knowledge of the system ask you a few quick questions to ensure we get the right phone sent to your business. Your VOIP business phone service is then programmed before it is shipped out to your location. In some cases, we can overnight phones and have you fully set up within a day.
  2. Connect Your Phones.When you get the phones, you’ll need to attach the cord to the handset and plugin the device to a power sourcTheTeh next step is to plug the ethernet (internet) cable into the phone. Really, it’s that easy.
  3. Training.Our long list of features is very impressive, but it takes a little familiarity for them to become second nature with a new VoIP business phone service. We offer training over the phone, in person or via video conference. We also provide training videos. We can also take care of transferring your existing phone numbers over into our system so you don’t have to re-print all of your marketing materials. We’ll take care of you!
  4. Pick up your phone, it’s ringing!After a few simple steps, your cloud-based phone system is ready to use. Don’t be surprised if your phone starts ringing right away! Getting up and running is a simple and easy process with Mango Voice. See… it’s simple.
  • Take away for Number 2: Phone set up really can be simple! Make sure your VOIP business phone system is easy to set up.

Number 3 : Are you spending all day on the phone… with technical support?

One thing that business owners do not have time for… long technical support calls. You’ve done it before, called into a technical support line. Waited. Pressed 1 for English. Pressed 0 for an operator. Pressed 1 to confirm that you wanted to speak with an operator. Pressed 1 to confirm that you wanted to speak with the operator in English. The operator comes on the line and asks how they can help only to pass you on to another department that has another wait. Waiting. Waiting.

The thing about all this waiting is that it wouldn’t be too frustrating if it was worth the wait, right? But then when you finally get someone on the line, they seem to question everything you are asking… like they were just hired… and then they have to put you on another hold because they have to go ask if they still service the phone you are calling from…. sound familiar?

Ok, look. We get it. Technical support can be complicated, especially in complex situations. This is another advantage to using Mango Voice and their VOIP Business phone services. We have support personnel readily available for your company. We do have resources online and videos, but when you call Mango Voice, you’re going to get a knowledgeable support person that knows your company and can easily answer your questions. We recognize you don’t have time to sit on frustrating support calls, so we do our best to be as easy to work with and as easy to understand as possible.

It’s time for a change.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Innovate or die”? It’s especially true for businesses and technology. But don’t take our word for it. In Business Insider’s article they outline why it is critical for business owners to innovate and embrace the changing technologies:

We should be most concerned about companies that are currently successful that do not have innovation ingrained in the fabric of their businesses. They are the ones that need to avoid the FDH (fat, dumb, and happy) syndrome, try new things and not rest on their laurels. They have to risk failure to continue to achieve great success. They should know that survival today requires more than treading water, and that many of the companies that were once great are now gone or on their way out largely because they stopped innovating. In fact, according to Forbes, the average lifespan of a successful S&P 500 Company was 67 years in the 1920’s. Today it is 15 years. More companies need to innovate to improve these declining numbers.


We understand that technology is hard to keep up with. We’re focused on it all day, every day, so understanding comes a little easier to those of us in this industry. That feeling of discomfort with change may be uncomfortable for a moment, but when your revenues start increasing and your customers cheer in excitement because they are reaching you more often, and faster, then business owners realize what a great step it is to invest in updated phone service technology.

We really can help!

Lack of understanding doesn’t need to hold you back. We can simplify this complex topic which really isn’t as complex as most people think. Let’s take, well, Mango Voice as an example. When you work with Mango Voice, we have the best team around. You’ll work with a call specialist that will assess the needs of your business, take down all the details and find the right customized system for your company or small business. After that assessment, your boss’s jaw will drop when you tell them just how affordable this enterprise-grade phone solution is. We package up your phones in a box, you receive them, plug them in and start answering calls. It’s that easy.

Mistakes happen. Some of the best lessons come from making the occasional mistake. But if we can help save you from making the mistake of choosing the wrong VOIP business phone service, then let us help! We love working with businesses in a variety of industries. We’ve helped dentists, lawyers, technology companies, schools and even government agencies all upgrade to the best VOIP business phone service around. We’d love to work with you.

Call Mango Voice: 888-541-1397




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Introducing Mango Voice 3.0 – A More Efficient Cloud-Based Phone System

Mango Voice is simply rocking the business world with its’ most efficient cloud-based phone system yet. Our latest update, nicknamed “Mango Voice 3.0” is boasting stellar speeds, more efficient data balancing, and more redundancy. This latest update looks to solve common problems that most people find when working with a cloud-based phone system. Businesses can’t afford downtime, dropped calls, poor call quality or any data loss. Our already impeccable system has now been packed with a powerhouse of features to ensure any of these poor call patterns won’t happen to a Mango Voice client.

Mango Voice provides simple phone systems with little to no headache to set up. Now, that sounds fantastic. Get even more piece of mind knowing that Mango Voice is staying on top of the game by integrating all of the latest technology into our best yet cloud-based phone system. We’ll cover some of the cool features our latest update brings to the table. Don’t worry, you won’t be tested on any of the technical stuff.


Seamless Redundancy, A Cloud-Based Phone System Feature

Redundancy is a great feature for your phone server, NOT in your business phone conversations. Ok, so the kind of redundancy we’re actually referring to isn’t the act of repeating yourself over and over again on the phone, but rather packing your small business phone system with a powerhouse of goods. Seamless redundancy, in terms of your phone servers that power up your cloud-based phone system, is the ability to copy your information from one server to another server.

To understand how redundancy works best, we’ll use an example of one way we used to balance phone calls through our system setup that utilizes two servers. Server A and Server B lined up to manage your calls. Should anything happen to Server A, like maybe it’s getting too busy and slowing down, Server B should have a synced copy of information so that it can kick in and handle the extra load. That’s one way to look at redundancy. Two redundant servers with the same information.

The Problem:

Server A acts as the “hot” or “active” server most of the time. The this is set up, it makes essentially every server is an “A” server with live communications between many servers spread out across the US. Your business can connect to any one without skipping a beat. There are a couple of drawbacks to this setup.

  1. Downtime is a little more possible if any data communication loss occurs between the servers.
  2. This design does not include completely seamless redundancy.
  3. Transferring data is not as fast.


The problem with this redundancy technique between two servers is that there are only two points of success. Should both servers get bogged down, downtime is more possible. There are also issues with this setup because it exposes any weakness in the communication between the two servers. If you have a slow internet connection or any data loss between Server A and Server B, then they may not sync up exactly. This is where problems abide.

Introducing A Better Cloud-Based Phone System With Mango Voice 3.0

Mango Voice knows how to handle its data. But now, we are handling it with even more efficiency than ever. We’ve beefed up our cloud-based phone system with the latest and greatest technology. We’ve updated our system to integrate dynamic router negotiation with our phone servers. Remember old Server A and Server B? Gone. We now have a figurative wheel of phone servers, integrating together instantaneously in a circle of data. Information gets spun around the wheel so that there is higher redundancy between each data point, no more data loss and a significant reduction in any downtime. Instead of just two points of data, we now have multiple servers passing information.

Mango Voice 3.0’s new cloud-based phone system is zippy. It’s not your grandma’s phone switchboard. Bringing information into the cloud, we are able to manipulate the data faster. Mango Voice can now manage data and ensure the greatest call quality for your small business. Mango Voice doesn’t overcomplicate a good thing. Our phones are still simplified out of the box and ready to plug right in. While all this technology talk may sound complicated, all you have to do is unbox and plug it in. We really do give you a simplified business phone system.

cloud-based phone system

Mango Voice 3.0 Cloud-Based Phone System


Advantages of the new Mango Voice 3.0:

  1. Less downtime.Downtime can hurt call volumes and terminate calls prematurely. With this phone system in place, calls are routed to an available phone server and passed through available systems quickly. This prevents downtime and ensures calls are successful.
  2. No syncing issues.Syncing between two servers that aren’t always in full communication was the weak link in the A and B server scenario. Here, there are no syncing issues because the data is being passed through the loop all the time, immediately.
  3. Dynamic router negotiation.The phone system has a router with dynamic programming allowing it to find the best route for the information to pass through to your network. This makes setup even more of a breeze.
  4. Truly cloud-based.Servers that are based in “the cloud” are on a network that enables lightning-fast speeds and quick transfer of data. Cloud-based systems are also easy to access from any physical location at any time.
  5. Seamless redundancy. Seamless redundancy is the instantaneous communication between all phone servers at the same time. This prevents data loss and ensures all systems are up to date.

Load Balancing – The Key To Saving Data

So while our new system sounds amazing, and it is, the key to making it faster and more efficient is the way we load balance your data. Have you ever done a load of laundry and then walked away only to hear a loud “thud, thud, thud,” that intensifies as your clothes start spinning faster in the cycle? An off-balanced load of laundry is just as annoying as poorly balanced data in a server. It’s not efficient.


With our circle of redundancy, we are also able to load balance the data as we receive it. What this means is during those busy call times, we are able to distribute the congestion evenly across multiple points to ensure no calls drop, there is no loss in speed and everything operates as it should.

This system is truly cloud-based. By load balancing through dynamic router negotiation, there are no more syncing issues or loss of data. Our routers can adjust to handle increased call volume by analyzing how each piece is altering the data. It then is programmed to hand it off in the same way it was received. This structure also works with your systems firewalls so that we don’t have to alter anything inside of your security features to have it work effectively with the router. Having multiple data points dramatically reduces downtime.

Phones. Made Simple.

We know you have a choice when it comes to VOIP Phone Systems for business. Mango Voice prides itself on giving you all the big brand features with a small company touch. When you contact Mango Voice, you talk to real people. We want each of our clients to feel valued and taken care of. Our cloud-based phone systems deliver efficiency and great quality. We truly are the perfect phone system for any small to medium-sized business.

Our affordable phone handsets come in a few different varieties. We have a corded phone and wireless phones available to work with your Mango Voice service. We offer three different pricing tiers for small businesses plus specialized pricing for industry-specific organizations like hotels, schools or government agencies.

Call us today for more information on your cloud-based phone system. Or better yet, tell your friends about Mango Voice and get all of the benefits of our Partner Program.



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[Case Study] How Local Presence Increased Contact Rate by 400%

Most of the time when we talk about Local Presence, we’re not just referring to the physical presence of your company in a given area. Rather, we are referring to Local Presence Dialing. Ideal for call centers, Local Presence Dialing allows outbound calls made from the Mango Voice phone system to be masked with a local area phone number.

Why Don’t People Pick Up?

The fact of the matter is, people, don’t like to be sold to. Especially over the phone! Regardless, dialing quotas have to be met and calls need to be placed. More often than not your sweet voice is met with an extended ring tone or ends up in voicemail graveyard. Your calls won’t get picked up and you definitely aren’t getting a callback. Couldn’t all of this be avoided? 

Why don’t people pick up the phone?

The reason is that you’re probably calling from a 1-800 number. You and every other person trying to sell them something is also calling from a 1-800 number. And, guess what, people know that! When a person sees “Unknown” or “Toll-Free” or “1-800” number on their caller ID what do you think they are going to do? I’ll tell you: NOT ANSWER!

Get Creative

Wouldn’t it be nice to call a potential lead from a number that they recognized? If you are calling someone in St. George from your office in Texas, wouldn’t it be nice if the number that popped up on their caller ID started with (435)? What if there was a whole ton of local presence numbers just waiting for you to use all over the country? So, no matter where you are calling to, you can be sure that they see a local number!

Introducing Mango Voice Local Presence Dialing.

With Mango Voice Local Presence dialing you can be sure that call after call is being shown with a local number that will be recognized by the person. Awesome!

What happens if the person doesn’t answer and decides to call back later? Never fear! The call will get routed back automatically to the same person that originally called.

Talk about professional!

Here’s what one person using Mango Voice Local Presence Dialing had to say about the service:

“HFB Technologies recently switched to Mango Voice for our call system, and the increase in answered calls was noticeable immediately. Using number spoofing to display a local area code on caller ID has helped to double our sales and increase the amount of answered calls by nearly 600%. This increase has upped morale for our sales team, increased the time spent on the phone versus dialing, and overall has led to higher sales and higher commission pay. Mango Voice had our new call system setup in just a few hours and their support has been excellent. I highly recommend them to any business that is looking for a new call service.”

–    Justin Averett, CFO of HFB Technologies

Local Presence Dialing

According to an independent study, prospects are more than 4x more likely to answer calls from local numbers. Increasing contact rates from 10% to 40%. That would be a huge increase for any business!

These guys were able to dramatically improve their results:

Infinity by Marvin Dealer has been in the home remodeling business for 30 years. They have used sophisticated dealers and other phone systems in the past to increase their dialing effectiveness. Recently in their weekly meeting with their call center agents, they noticed that their agents were overly enthusiastic and on fire because their appointment set rate (the rate at which they can successfully schedule an appointment) increased by about 400%. Under a close review, this is what they found. You see, the week prior, management subscribed to Mango Voice’s Local Presence service. This service changes their Caller ID from an 800 # to a local number when an agent calls a customer. Mango Voice will dynamically change the Agents Caller ID to a local number shown to the customer. This small change has yielded huge dividends.

The company also noticed a significant difference in customer attitude on the phone. They found when customers answered a call from a local number they were less guarded and friendly. Another notable difference was that customers did not question the Agent as to the location of the Company.

Again because the number was local this gave the company greater credibility. These two factors lead to a 400 % increase in appointment setting. Customers calling back on missed calls increased 3.5 times because of increased receptiveness, more positive interactions with the customer. This lead to another increase in agent enthusiasm that also contributed to sales opportunities.

Key points:

  • Contact rate: Increased by 400%
  • Appointment set rate: Increased by 300%
  • Customer return call rate: Increased 350%
  • Customer receptiveness: Noticeable increase
  • Company credibility: Noticeable increase
  • Agent attitude and effectiveness: Definite increase
  • Overall sales opportunity: Off the charts

Let us show you how Local Presence Dialing will increase the contact rate of your business!

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The Perfect Greeting. Every Time.

It is crucial that when a customer calls a business that two things happen, first they are greeted (letting them know they called the right place), second someone needs to answer the phone. Sounds simple right? Wrong! Too often I take my business elsewhere because I can’t reach the company I am calling.

Food for thought, answering services have shown that 85% of people that get a voicemail or busy signal don’t leave a message or call back. Furthermore, every minute you wait to call them back reduces your chances of reviving the sale by 75% within the first 5 minutes. If you knew there was a service that significantly improved the chances of capturing more calls wouldn’t you jump on it? I Did!

In a world of instant gratification, there is no room for missed calls or voicemails. In the old days when you left someone a voicemail, you waited for them to call you back because you didn’t have the competitor’s phone number. Nowadays with the internet, I can search for a CPA firm and find all 15 of them within a 15-mile radius then call them one by one and the first one to pick up gets my business. Guess what happens if I get a voicemail or busy signal? You guessed it, moving on.

Unfortunately, that is the way it is now and VoIP phone solutions are the best way to give yourself the upper hand. A virtual receptionist allows you to greet every customer perfectly every time. It also lets your customer know that someone will be right with them encouraging them to stay on the line.

Voicemail to email allows missed calls to be sent to your email as an attached audio file. This allows you to access your voicemails after hours or while you are away from your desk. Getting back to your customers sooner than later is a sure way to earn their business and loyalty.

Automated forwarding allows you to send calls to an answering service (or even your cell phone) who takes down the customer’s information and sends you a text notifying you that someone wants to give you their money!

Sounds pretty good right? Well, that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what a VoIP service can do but it’s a great introduction. Stop missing calls today and start taking advantage of those missed revenue opportunities. Call Mango Voice today to find out more!

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How can Mango Business Phones help your business?

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Are you looking for a new phone system that can help your business? We’ve go you covered.

Mango Voice offers everything a small business would want in a VOIP phone system. Our service is a cloud-based Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) system that doesn’t require expensive PBX hardware or a trained IT staff to set up and maintain.

There are lots of companies you can choose from, but we’re a small enough company that we can customize our phones to fit your needs. Our level of service is the best in the business.

Multiple Locations

Offices or team members in different locations can all operate on the same phone system with Mango Voice.

Many businesses today have to be dynamic with the ability to open new locations quickly or have employees that can work from home offices. Mango Voice makes it easy to add extensions to your phone system from virtually any location that has the internet. Simply ship the phones to any location, plug them in and we will take care of the rest. It really is that simple.

Scale your phone system as you Grow

Start small. Grow Large. Mango Voice offers the flexibility and affordability you need to grow your company. Unlike traditional business phone systems, Mango Voice makes growing your business pain free.

Take Advantage of Mobility

Mango Voice now offers and iOS and Android app that allows you to take your business phone with you on-the-go!

Drag and Drop Phone System

Mango Voice lets you simply modify your phone system dial plan with our drag & drop dial plan editor.


Reliability you can count on. Our cloud-based phone systems can offer the reliability and redundancy that you need to keep your business up and running all the time.

  • Built-in redundancy.
  • Speedy disaster recovery.
  • No single point of failure.

Cloud Based

Cloud-based phone systems provide the redundancy, scalability, and security that businesses of all sizes need.

  • Built-in redundancy.
  • Scale with ease.
  • Higher security.

CRM Integration

A complete API allows custom integration into any application.

  • Click to call.
  • Incoming call notifications.
  • Embedded soft phone.
  • Reporting, call recordings.


Few business phone systems are more reliable than Mango Voice. We have one of the highest uptimes in the industry. This means that the system is down for only a handful of minutes each year.

If you’re looking for a new phone system or would like to change up your old system. Contact us!

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