[Case Study] How Local Presence Increased Contact Rate by 400%

Most of the time when we talk about Local Presence, we’re not just referring to the physical presence of your company in a given area. Rather, we are referring to Local Presence Dialing. Ideal for call centers, Local Presence Dialing allows outbound calls made from the Mango Voice phone system to be masked with a local area phone number.

Why Don’t People Pick Up?

The fact of the matter is, people, don’t like to be sold to. Especially over the phone! Regardless, dialing quotas have to be met and calls need to be placed. More often than not your sweet voice is met with an extended ring tone or ends up in voicemail graveyard. Your calls won’t get picked up and you definitely aren’t getting a callback. Couldn’t all of this be avoided? 

Why don’t people pick up the phone?

The reason is that you’re probably calling from a 1-800 number. You and every other person trying to sell them something is also calling from a 1-800 number. And, guess what, people know that! When a person sees “Unknown” or “Toll-Free” or “1-800” number on their caller ID what do you think they are going to do? I’ll tell you: NOT ANSWER!

Get Creative

Wouldn’t it be nice to call a potential lead from a number that they recognized? If you are calling someone in St. George from your office in Texas, wouldn’t it be nice if the number that popped up on their caller ID started with (435)? What if there was a whole ton of local presence numbers just waiting for you to use all over the country? So, no matter where you are calling to, you can be sure that they see a local number!

Introducing Mango Voice Local Presence Dialing.

With Mango Voice Local Presence dialing you can be sure that call after call is being shown with a local number that will be recognized by the person. Awesome!

What happens if the person doesn’t answer and decides to call back later? Never fear! The call will get routed back automatically to the same person that originally called.

Talk about professional!

Here’s what one person using Mango Voice Local Presence Dialing had to say about the service:

“HFB Technologies recently switched to Mango Voice for our call system, and the increase in answered calls was noticeable immediately. Using number spoofing to display a local area code on caller ID has helped to double our sales and increase the amount of answered calls by nearly 600%. This increase has upped morale for our sales team, increased the time spent on the phone versus dialing, and overall has led to higher sales and higher commission pay. Mango Voice had our new call system setup in just a few hours and their support has been excellent. I highly recommend them to any business that is looking for a new call service.”

–    Justin Averett, CFO of HFB Technologies

Local Presence Dialing

According to an independent study, prospects are more than 4x more likely to answer calls from local numbers. Increasing contact rates from 10% to 40%. That would be a huge increase for any business!

These guys were able to dramatically improve their results:

Infinity by Marvin Dealer has been in the home remodeling business for 30 years. They have used sophisticated dealers and other phone systems in the past to increase their dialing effectiveness. Recently in their weekly meeting with their call center agents, they noticed that their agents were overly enthusiastic and on fire because their appointment set rate (the rate at which they can successfully schedule an appointment) increased by about 400%. Under a close review, this is what they found. You see, the week prior, management subscribed to Mango Voice’s Local Presence service. This service changes their Caller ID from an 800 # to a local number when an agent calls a customer. Mango Voice will dynamically change the Agents Caller ID to a local number shown to the customer. This small change has yielded huge dividends.

The company also noticed a significant difference in customer attitude on the phone. They found when customers answered a call from a local number they were less guarded and friendly. Another notable difference was that customers did not question the Agent as to the location of the Company.

Again because the number was local this gave the company greater credibility. These two factors lead to a 400 % increase in appointment setting. Customers calling back on missed calls increased 3.5 times because of increased receptiveness, more positive interactions with the customer. This lead to another increase in agent enthusiasm that also contributed to sales opportunities.

Key points:

  • Contact rate: Increased by 400%
  • Appointment set rate: Increased by 300%
  • Customer return call rate: Increased 350%
  • Customer receptiveness: Noticeable increase
  • Company credibility: Noticeable increase
  • Agent attitude and effectiveness: Definite increase
  • Overall sales opportunity: Off the charts

Let us show you how Local Presence Dialing will increase the contact rate of your business!

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The Perfect Greeting. Every Time.

It is crucial that when a customer calls a business that two things happen, first they are greeted (letting them know they called the right place), second someone needs to answer the phone. Sounds simple right? Wrong! Too often I take my business elsewhere because I can’t reach the company I am calling.

Food for thought, answering services have shown that 85% of people that get a voicemail or busy signal don’t leave a message or call back. Furthermore, every minute you wait to call them back reduces your chances of reviving the sale by 75% within the first 5 minutes. If you knew there was a service that significantly improved the chances of capturing more calls wouldn’t you jump on it? I Did!

In a world of instant gratification, there is no room for missed calls or voicemails. In the old days when you left someone a voicemail, you waited for them to call you back because you didn’t have the competitor’s phone number. Nowadays with the internet, I can search for a CPA firm and find all 15 of them within a 15-mile radius then call them one by one and the first one to pick up gets my business. Guess what happens if I get a voicemail or busy signal? You guessed it, moving on.

Unfortunately, that is the way it is now and VoIP phone solutions are the best way to give yourself the upper hand. A virtual receptionist allows you to greet every customer perfectly every time. It also lets your customer know that someone will be right with them encouraging them to stay on the line.

Voicemail to email allows missed calls to be sent to your email as an attached audio file. This allows you to access your voicemails after hours or while you are away from your desk. Getting back to your customers sooner than later is a sure way to earn their business and loyalty.

Automated forwarding allows you to send calls to an answering service (or even your cell phone) who takes down the customer’s information and sends you a text notifying you that someone wants to give you their money!

Sounds pretty good right? Well, that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what a VoIP service can do but it’s a great introduction. Stop missing calls today and start taking advantage of those missed revenue opportunities. Call Mango Voice today to find out more!

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How can Mango Business Phones help your business?

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Are you looking for a new phone system that can help your business? We’ve go you covered.

Mango Voice offers everything a small business would want in a VOIP phone system. Our service is a cloud-based Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) system that doesn’t require expensive PBX hardware or a trained IT staff to set up and maintain.

There are lots of companies you can choose from, but we’re a small enough company that we can customize our phones to fit your needs. Our level of service is the best in the business.

Multiple Locations

Offices or team members in different locations can all operate on the same phone system with Mango Voice.

Many businesses today have to be dynamic with the ability to open new locations quickly or have employees that can work from home offices. Mango Voice makes it easy to add extensions to your phone system from virtually any location that has the internet. Simply ship the phones to any location, plug them in and we will take care of the rest. It really is that simple.

Scale your phone system as you Grow

Start small. Grow Large. Mango Voice offers the flexibility and affordability you need to grow your company. Unlike traditional business phone systems, Mango Voice makes growing your business pain free.

Take Advantage of Mobility

Mango Voice now offers and iOS and Android app that allows you to take your business phone with you on-the-go!

Drag and Drop Phone System

Mango Voice lets you simply modify your phone system dial plan with our drag & drop dial plan editor.


Reliability you can count on. Our cloud-based phone systems can offer the reliability and redundancy that you need to keep your business up and running all the time.

  • Built-in redundancy.
  • Speedy disaster recovery.
  • No single point of failure.

Cloud Based

Cloud-based phone systems provide the redundancy, scalability, and security that businesses of all sizes need.

  • Built-in redundancy.
  • Scale with ease.
  • Higher security.

CRM Integration

A complete API allows custom integration into any application.

  • Click to call.
  • Incoming call notifications.
  • Embedded soft phone.
  • Reporting, call recordings.


Few business phone systems are more reliable than Mango Voice. We have one of the highest uptimes in the industry. This means that the system is down for only a handful of minutes each year.

If you’re looking for a new phone system or would like to change up your old system. Contact us!

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The Power Of VoIP Phones For Your Business

The Power of VoIP

If you haven’t notice lately there is a lot of chatter about VoIP phone services and their benefits. If you do not know what VoIP is, then you definitely don’t know what you are missing.

The definition of VoIP, is Voice Over Internet Protocol. This means that instead of your phone/voice service going over copper lines, it goes over the internet. VoIP has opened up opportunities that will take the phone industry into a new era of phone service. For starters out of the gate it removes the limitations traditional service produces while at the same time proving to be a less expensive alternative.

Traditional phone systems and service:

Before VoIP you could only get phone service from a local phone company. Each line costs $45 a month but then you could only make or receive one call on that line at a time which then meant you had to buy more lines. Then, if you wanted, voicemail, long distance, and caller ID it cost $65-$80 per line. The average 5 line service costs $325 a month for dial tone a 3 basic features. If you wanted more features a phone system was required. The average cost of a phone system with 10 phones would run you initially $10,000. On top of that you would have to pay an IT company to maintain the system and over time that got pricey.

The problem with this solution is…

  • too expensive
  • too hard to add features
  • you can’t scale without spending a fortune to upgrade your system
  • you’re limited to phone lines
  • charged long distance
  • 100% liability of the system crashing is on you.

The alternative:

VoIP is easily the best phone solution on the market today. It offers virtually no limitations. With it you get unlimited lines (meaning no more busy signals), free long distance, and can add features as they come out at no cost to you. In addition you receive online access to customize the service to meet your business’s needs. VoIP also offers unified communication (meaning you can sync your desk phone, laptop, and cell phone to work together to make sure your customers get to you and not your voicemail). This has proven to increase sales opportunities.

VoIP is again the best solution because it unifies your communication, simply connects multiple locations, offers 100’s of features, includes backup systems, removes limitations, and provides online access for quick adjustments. If you are considering switching to VoIP you would join the 100’s of thousands of small, medium, and large business who have already done so. Stop working for your phone system and let your phone system work for you.

Here’s our offer if you are looking for a new system.

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Everything You Need To Know About VOIP Business Phones

The integration of VoIP business phones into the running of companies or small enterprises has become the new standard. Thanks to advancement in technology, VoIP business phones are now an essential requirement for businesses who want to increase productivity, cut costs and double their efficiency. Popularly known as voice over Internet protocol, VoIP is an incredibly powerful phone system that is not just easy to use but also allows users to make calls directly from their computer system. The most incredible thing about VoIP business phone system is that you don’t need to invest in specialized types of equipment to take unique advantage of this technology.

All you need is a regular telephone and a robust internet connection.

Whether for large or small business enterprises, VoIP small business phones has helped companies resolve many of the communication issues they may have had with their regular phone lines. When compared to regular phone systems, small business phone systems are not just an affordable phone system but the best options for companies and other small business looking to maintain a hassle free communication both within and outside the company.

With VoIP business phones, small and large corporations can achieve a hassle free connection while enjoying other advanced features and incredible call plans.

Small business phone systems are of significant advantage to small and big businesses operating in multiple locations. The greatest advantage yet of VoIP business phones are the incredible convenience they offer users together with other outstanding features. Below are some key features of VoIP phone system:

  • Door phone entry buzzer integration

This is one peculiar feature of VoIP phones that companies can use to promote security within their facilities. This remarkable feature allows you to include an analog phone that lets you have a two-way communication with visitors, having certified them worthy, you can unlock the door directly from your phone to grant them access.

  • Find me/follow me call routing

This is a top notch feature most employees will no doubt appreciate. This feature ensures you and your staffs never miss that important business call. It allows callers to reach you through all your registered phone numbers. If they fail to get you on such registered phone numbers, calls are then diverted to voicemail.

  • Voicemail to email transcription

With this exciting feature, you don’t need to worry about frantically writing down phone numbers, names or addresses of callers. This feature allows you to convert voicemail to text, then send to designated emails. With this, you can comfortably relax and read your emails at your free time. Also, this feature allows you to systematically organize and search the details of your voicemail, which may hitherto be impossible with analog phones.

  • Music on hold

Music on hold is an excellent feature that is of particular importance especially if your company is dealing with tons of callers. Trust me; you don’t want to treat your clients to silence or terrible background noise while they are on hold. As such, this feature allows you to play music while your customers wait to be attended to.

  • Bandwidth utilization and inbound/outbound call details

There is no gainsaying that data tracking is essential to every business. Your ability to do this effectively will mean your company knows where to channel its time and resources. Consequently, small business phone systems allow you to track data usage over time. To this end, bandwidth utilization cloud-based VoIP services allow companies to view intricate details of their call history, including duration, destination as well as cost.

  • Call screening

Call screening is yet another mind-blowing feature of the VoIP business phone system. This feature allows you to screen phone numbers. When this feature is activated, it disconnects or prevents certain numbers from reaching you.

  • Coaching tool

This cutting edge feature allows you to advise your workers even while they are on a call with a client. VoIP business phone system provides you with two features to train and evaluate your staff’s on-phone performance. These features include Whisper and Barge. The Whisper feature allows you to provide your employees with information, tips, and advice while on a call with a client, even without the clients’ knowledge; while the barge feature allows you to eavesdrop on employees’ communication with customers without interruptions.

  • Auto attendant

Don’t have the time to attend to customers calls? No cause for alarm as the auto attendant feature on VoIP services helps cover for your lapses. This feature allows callers to communicate with a menu that allows them to select appropriate extensions. This feature undoubtedly gives your business a professional look as it provides you with an e-receptionist that does your bidding.

  • Conferencing

Although many people know about this feature with VoIP services, not everyone is using it to the fullest or taking advantage of other impressive features that comes with it. With this feature, you can set up a conference call monitor. 

  • Do not disturb

Just like the name, this feature prevents any form of interferences or disturbance during meetings, conferences or lunch breaks. With this feature turned on, you can automatically stop calls from entering into your phones. The fascinating thing about this feature is that it does not only allow you to ignore calls but gives you the leverage to redirect calls to either voice mail or other directories.

Advantages of VoIP Business phone system

There are tons of benefits businesses stand to enjoy from integrating a business phone system into their daily activities. Here are a few of such advantages:

  • Saves Cost

Using VoIP phones to make calls, has helped small or big companies to save cost. With VoIP business phone system, businesses can now cut down on exorbitant prices charged by conventional phone network providers. Besides, long distance calls and communication are also cheaper with VoIP phone systems.

  • Portability

Small business phone system accounts for portability, comfort, and convenience; as you can easily use this phones worldwide. With the availability of broadband connections, you can seamlessly log into your VoIP telephone, anywhere, anytime. Regardless of your location, once you have an active connection, there wouldn’t be any hassle regarding calls and connection.

  • Flexibility

The beauty of using VoIP business phones is that you can still use your regular phones together with VoIP converter or VoIP telephone adapter. This VoIP converter looks like USB memory stick and can be plugged into your computer system and used on the go. What this VoIP converter does is pick up signals from analog phones and convert them to digital data that can be tracked over the internet. However, your computer needs to be on for it to work. This system allows businesses to acquire their unique VoIP number, so that no matter where they are, so long they have an active internet connection, they can easily receive calls to the same number.

  • Multi-Functional

While VoIP business phones are intentionally designed to make digital calls, it also allows businesses to conduct video conferencing. This unique feature aids businesses to stay connected with employees and clients. With VoIP phones, you don’t have to miss that important business meeting or conference.

Notwithstanding, there are a few disadvantages associated with small business phones. Network requirement and potential network outage are two significant drawbacks that may affect the system.

However, once you have decided to purchase or integrate a VoIP communication system into your business, you would need to determine which piece of equipment works for you. Consequently, if you are looking to invest in good, hi-tech VoIP business phones, then you wouldn’t go wrong by visiting mangovoice.com. They are a leading provider of smart, durable VoIP phones.

Everything You Need To Know About VOIP Business Phones

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How Your Phone System Can Increase Your Marketing Effectiveness By 400%

Increase your Marketing effectiveness by 400%

Case Study – Home Remodeling Company

Infinity by Marvin Dealer has been in the home remodeling business for 30 years. They have used varied marketing techniques including call center selling teams with sophisticated dialers and other phone systems to increase their dialing effectiveness. In a recent meeting with their call center agents, they noticed a heightened level of enthusiasm and energy because their appointment set rate (the rate at which they can successfully schedule an appointment) had increased tremendously! A review of their processes and systems, revealed an amazing and unique contributor to the changes in sales team dynamics.

You see, in recent weeks, management subscribed to Mango Voice’s Local Presence service. Mango Voice Local Presence service enables a company to dynamically change their caller ID to a local area code instead of showing a 1-800 number when a call center agent calls a customer. This small, inexpensive yet dynamic change has yielded incredible results!

The first measurable difference was a dramatic increase in the contact rate (the percentage of customer answering their phone). Infinity by Marvin Dealer saw their contact rate go from 10% to 40% immediately! In other words, customers were more likely to answer the phone when a local number appeared on their caller ID.

The company also noticed a significant difference in customer attitudes on the phone. They found that when customers answered a call from a local number, they were less guarded and more friendly. Customers were more receptive and agents were able to have more positive interactions with customers. Agent productivity increased through positive energy and greater enthusiasm, which contributed to more sales opportunities and future contacts.

The local presence service provided by Mango Voice gave the company greater credibility and increased their immediate value to the customer. In addition, customers did not question the agent as to the location of the company or the company’s ability to serve their needs. These two factors led to a 400 % increase in the number of appointment set by agents. The return call rate from customers who missed the initial contact call also increased to a rate nearly 3.5 times greater than previous return call rates. This means that customers were more likely to call a local number back when the call was missed.

Local Presence service by Mango Voice was a critical tool for increased revenues and sales opportunities for Infinity by Marvin Dealer and it will work for your business too!

Key points

Contact rate increased by 400%
Appointment set rate increased by 300%
Customer return call rate increased 350%
Greater customer receptiveness
Greater company credibility and value
Greater sales force effectiveness through agent buy-in
Tremendous sales opportunity increases and marketing effectiveness

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What is VoIP

Get ready to change the way you think about your current long-distance phone plan!

What is VoIP? Literally, it’s Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP takes the analog audio signals from your phone line and transmits them across the internet.

Just think of all the convenience of the internet and how easily you can place calls from your business and avoid the nasty long distance charges from the phone companies. Phone companies are already using VoIP to streamline their long distance phone calls, but they haven’t updated their prices to save you money.

Business VoIP System

VoIP is a revolutionary business technology and it’s taking the world by storm, re-inventing the entire way you use phone lines in your offices. Because it’s digital, the phones themselves can be like little computers. They can offer advanced features that no other phone system can! Such as voicemail to email, call forwarding, high-quality conference calling, and so much more!

Other VoIP services offer minute rate plans, like cell phone companies, for as little as $20 a month. With all other VoIP you get limited features, no matter how many lines you sign up for with Mango Voice you get all our features as well as any new feature we develop. The best part of a VoIP Phone System, is that when we need to upgrade your phones it’s as simple as a digital download. No expensive fees, servers, and phone techs taking up your time and money!

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Carla N, Office Manager

Our company switched our telephone service to Mango Voice in June of 2015. We have enjoyed an 80% savings on our bill (yes, you read that right – 80% savings $$$), but equally important is the quality and value of the services we have received. As a small business, we were never able to afford the bells and whistles of high-end PBX systems. Now we have an auto attendant, on hold music, voicemail to email, call waiting, and an app that allows us to return customer calls on the go from our cell phones with all the features we would have sitting at our desk!

Mango Voice gave us a phone solution with all the features we could have dreamed of at a highly competitive and affordable price!

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Jason Emett, VP, Acentus Consulting

I have been in the call center industry for over 15 years, Mango Voice is a game changer. This is the most affordable and simple way to make national calls while keeping the costs minimal. We literally have 100% uptime and integrating new lines is easy. I recommend Mango Voice to any size of call center as a low-cost high-value partner.

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Barry Clarkson, Lawyer, Clarkson & Associates, LLC

My law office replaced our telephone system with Mango Voice several months ago and we are very pleased with the new VoIP system. Call clarity is much better, the programmability is very impressive, and it is easy to use and adaptable for any office or situation. It has helped us to save money with communications between remote offices. It is truly worth its weight in gold.

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