10 Reasons

Why Top Business Owners are Switching to VoiP

Finding the right phone system for your business can be stressful since cost, reliability, and functionality need to be considered. Landlines have been around since 1876, which means they are more familiar, but it doesn’t mean your business phone system/service has to stay in the 1800s.

The introduction of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service in 1995 has been a game-changer for both communication and functionality. Many employers are turning to VoIP as their main business phone system not only due to its better sound quality but also its lower cost.

Are you still using that landline dinosaur phone system?

Interested in switching to VoIP?

Here’s why you should make the switch from Analog to VoIP for YOUR business:


No expensive equipment to buy or maintain

A landline requires expensive servers and hardware onsite in order to provide features like voicemail, call recording, multiple lines, and more. In addition to the hardware expense, you also have to pay an IT company to maintain it. Then, if the server fails, there is no redundancy and you experience significant downtime. With a VoIP system, there are NO maintenance fees, no bulky equipment, or technicians required and you get full redundancy that we’ll explain further below.


Redundant Servers Across the U.S.

With a VoIP system like Mango Voice, you’ll connect to multiple data centers across the US for maximum connectivity, reduced latency, and redundancy. You’ll also have peace of mind if your internet goes down, giving you the ability to easily transfer calls to your mobile devices at any time.



Worried about security issues? Get more security for things that matter the most: call logs, voicemails, faxes, call recordings, and text messages. At Mango, nothing is ever stored locally. Instead, it is locked securely in the cloud (and HIPAA compliant).


Cloud Features

Is your system outdated? Ready for an upgrade? By going to the cloud you’ll get features such as voicemail to email, voicemail transcription, call recording, missed call text notifications, screen-pop, and more! Bonus: all updates are given automatically. No need for a technician!



Have you grown out of your phone system? Landline phone systems make it difficult and expensive to scale, requiring more lines, more hardware, and more IT assistance, which quickly adds up in cost. Having your phone system in the cloud means you’ll save time, money, and hassle. No matter how many phones you have, Mango’s VoIP system scales with you! Easily add lines and phones whenever & wherever your business needs them! We grow with you.


Go Mobile

Need to stay connected out of the office or on the road? Take your business with you, wherever you are! With Mango’s mobile features, you can stay connected both in and out of the office. Experience the ultimate cloud-based features with our mobile and desktop app.

  • Call and TEXT from your business number! With auto-reply and missed call SMS notifications, you’ll easily increase customer satisfaction and retention, as well as gain more opportunities to close deals.
  • Work from home (or anywhere you want) with Mango’s web-based phone system. You can easily turn any computer into your office with a microphone and headset.
  • Set up email alerts to get notified about voicemails and faxes while at the office or on the go.


Multi-Office Capabilities

Does your business have multiple locations? Struggling to seamlessly link them together? With Mango’s cloud-based system, you have the ability to load balance calls from multiple offices. Roll calls over when people are at lunch, interconnect multiple locations seamlessly, and more!


Cloud-based Administration

Does making changes to your phone system feel like it takes an act of Congress? Make the changes you want, YOURSELF. Change call flow, update buttons, create greetings, adjust phone layouts, access voicemail, fax, and more, all from a web portal!


Save Money

Tired of having multiple contracts just to run your phone system? At Mango, we are both your phone company AND your phone system provider! Huge bonus: you can have as many phone lines as you want. Pay per phone, upgrade phones at any time. At Mango, all of your minutes and our features, that you’ll never get with a landline, are included! Not only do you save money, but you gain significant VALUE.


While there are many VoIP providers out there, here are a few reasons why choosing Mango Voice is a no-brainer:

With a VoIP system like Mango Voice, you’ll connect to multiple data centers across the US for maximum connectivity, reduced latency, and redundancy. You’ll also have peace of mind if your internet goes down, giving you the ability to easily transfer calls to your mobile devices at any time.

  • Voice Service:
    Get crystal-clear HD phone service with unlimited minutes and call recording, saving you money and providing a better experience.
  • Set up is easy!
    With plug-and-play phones, you’ll be up as quickly as your phones arrive.
  • Features:
    With over 150+ features, get everything you could ever want or need for the business communications that allow you to scale and grow as needed. See a full list of Mango features here. (
  • Integrations and API:
    The most advanced integrations through our partners are custom-tailored for your industry. Receive real-time updates and alerts, even implement Features such as “Call Pop” which gives you relevant information about the caller as the call comes in. Learn more about our Partner Integrations here.
  • Virtual Fax:
    Send and receive secure faxes through our online portal or email. Don’t have a fax machine but want to receive faxes periodically? Mango also offers auto-fax detection. Mango’s system automatically detects faxes and transcribes them to a PDF that gets placed into your web portal for easy access. It’s that easy!
  • Take your business anywhere!
    Did you know that 75% of Americans prefer text over voicemails? Take your customer service to the next level by TEXTING your customers! With Mango’s ground-breaking mobile app and desktop app, you’ll have access to all aspects of your business communications, no matter where you are.
  • Business Analytics:
    Get the insights you need to make critical decisions for your organization, including custom caller ID to track where your calls are coming from! Know where to focus those marketing dollars in order to grow your business quickly!


Ready to learn more about how Mango’s VoIP service can take your business communications to the next level?

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